15 Best Indian Bold and Sexy Web Series on Ullu

Online adult shows made in India are popular amongst the 18+. DESIblitz unveils 15 top Indian bold and sexy web series on Ullu.

15 Best Indian Bold and Sexy Web Series on Ullu - f

“Jismon ka khel dilon pe hawi ho jayega"

On-demand streaming platform Ullu App has become a prominent hub for Indian bold and sexy web series.

The storyline, characters and plot have popularised these adult erotic web shows amongst the youth all over the world.

With these these web series having no limit to sexual content, they primarily target anyone 18+.

Several directors are behind these bold and sexy web series. However, it seems Deepak Pandey and Bhavin Wadiya have become specialists for these genres in the digital space.

Many of these web shows have a star studded line-up, with recognised names from the world of television and Bollywood.

Here are 15 best Indian bold and sexy web series you must watch via Ullu on your desktop, laptop and phone

Anniversary Surprise (2018)

15 Best Indian Bold and Sexy Web Series on Ullu - Anniversary Surprise

Anniversary Surprise is an erotic suspense-thriller web series, under the supervision of director Bhavin Wadiya.

The web series is about a murder that has taken place at a resort. The big question is who has been killed.

Anyone from Priyanka, Mahi, Raj Malik, Raj’s wife or Malik’s secretary cum lover could have been murdered.

The web series spotlights on marriage, anniversary and live-in relationships. The cast in this web series includes Yash Pandit, Shikha Chhabra, Tarun Khem and Swagata.

Anniversary Surprise has three parts in total, with a short run time for each episode.

Melting Cheese (2018)

15 Best Indian Bold and Sexy Web Series on Ullu - Melting Cheese

Melting Cheese is an erotic suspense drama series helmed by Deepak Pandey. The story develops when Neena become friends with Meera, the office secretary of her womanising husband (Anand).

Shikha Chabra, Naina Mukhi and Sachin Verma are the main cast members of the series.

Watch the series, to see how the suspense unfolds. The series has quite a few hot scenes in it too. The series has several hit dialogues, with one standing out:

“Will you be comfortable if I am all clean-shaven. Of course baby, smooth bhi hoga, I like it.”

The series is a quick time watch, with only two episodes running between 13-15 minutes each.

Black Coffee (2019)

15 Best Indian Bold and Sexy Web Series on Ullu - Black Coffee

Black Coffee is an erotic fantasy drama web series on Ullu, with Deepak Pandey being the director of it

The story is about boss Riya, who becomes crazy of his assistant after he serves black coffee to her. She desires to have sex with him.

She is also fascinated by Arjun, especially when having kinky moods. Bold scenes are an integral feature throughout this web series.

The main cast of this series includes Kajal Shankawar, Sparsh Shrivastav, Akshaya Shetty and Diksha. This tale of love and lust also has a unique twist to the storyline. The series has the famous dialogue:

“Soti hoom tumhare khyalon ke saath, uth thi hoon tumhare khwabon ke saath.”

The series only has two episodes, lasting between 12-14 minutes in duration. It will barely take half an hour to watch the series.

Charmsukh (2019)

15 Best Indian Bold and Sexy Web Series on Ullu - Charmsukh

Charmsukh is a popular bold and sexy web series on Ullu. Each episode has a unique story, along with a different director and cast.

The series highlights the sexual desires of the characters and the physical, emotional, or psychological difficulties they endure for their fantasies.

The episode ‘Humse Ho Na Payega,’ follows the story of a newly-wed couple who get disturbed every time they try to romance.

Summarising this episode, a poetic synopsis reads:

“Jismon ka khel dilon pe hawi ho jayega, Mausam-e-izhaar mein dhokha ghata banke chayega!Mauke ki talash mein dil hadd se guzar jayega, Per is bar, ye charmsukh humse na ho payega!”

‘Pyaas,’ ”Trapped,’ ‘Ek Khwaab Suhaagraat’ and ‘Degree Wala Teacher’ are some of the other popular episodes of this web series.

The series Charmsukh is relatively long, with over twenty episodes.

Guardian (2019)

15 Best Indian Bold and Sexy Web Series on Ullu - Guardian

Guardian is an erotic suspense web series with Bhavin Wadiya taking on the director’s chair. The web series centres around Juliana, the chosen guardian of Mr Anant’s rascal son Aditya.

Juliana blackmails both the father and son after accusing them of sexual harassment. In one dialogue she says:

“Agar mein chahti na toh mein tumhare dad ko sab kuch bata sakhti thi. Tumne mera rape kiya hai.”

The main cast of the series comprises of Ruma Sharma, Anurag Verma, Hitesh Sejwal, and Hitesh Rawal. The web series has three episodes in total, with each part having a duration between 10-11 minutes.

Mona Home Delivery (2019)

15 Best Indian Bold and Sexy Web Series on Ullu - Mona Home Delivery

Mona home Delivery is an erotic comedy-drama web series on Ullu. It is about a poor woman, Mona (Kangna Sharma) who wants to improve her life. As a result, she becomes an escort.

The bold and sexy series shares the journey of Mona and her understanding of the experiences she goes through.

Mona Home Delivery serves as a flaming platter of emotions and passion. Sanjiv R Chadha is the director of this series.

The series has a big line up. The stars include Pratima Kazmi, Vijay Raaz, Raju Kher, Ganesh Acharya, Rajpal Yadav, Mukesh Tiwari, Zakir Hussain, Badrul Islam, Anant Jog, Rajesh Sharma and Shail Phull.

Mona Home Delivery is an eight-part series about the world of prostitution. Viewers get to learn one lesson from each episode.

The Choice (2019)

15 Best Indian Bold and Sexy Web Series on Ullu - The Choice

The Choice is a bold and sexy drama web series directed by Bhavin Wadiya. The love triangle story sees the stunning Anamika caught between her ordinary looking husband Sudhir and dashing boss Dushyant.

Kajal Shankhwar, Savant Singh Premi and Bhavin Wadhia make up the core cast of the series. Describing her ideal man, lead actress Kajal delivers an iconic dialogue saying:

“Mujhe ek hamesha mera dream man chahiye tha.”

There are three key themes of the series, including, word, trust and time. The Choice has several steamy scenes in the series.

The three-episode series is relatively short, with a thirty-three-minute duration.

Fareb (2019)

15 Best Indian Bold and Sexy Web Series on Ullu - Fareb

Fareb is an erotic suspense-thriller web series, with Raju Desai heading it as director. The story focuses on the affair between the married Saniya and a pizza boy.

Despite facing interruption when her sister-in-law visits, Saniya continues to keep the fun going. But in the end, things get out of control for Saniya.

Naghma Akhtar and Mohit are the lead pair of this amazingly bold web series.

The web series shows how a woman can be deceitful, whilst her husband is away on tour. Fareb is a two-episodic web series, which has a duration of twenty-four minutes in total.

#MeToo: Wolf of Bollywood (2019)

15 Best Indian Bold and Sexy Web Series on Ullu - #MeToo: Wolf of Bollywood

#MeToo: Wolf of Bollwyod is an erotic suspense-thriller web series that Deepak Pandey has directed.

This web series tells the story of a Bollywood actress Sana who has to pay a big price to achieve fame.  The actress is found dead with #metoo written on a yellow notepad in her bag.

The male lead then investigates the murder, finding out that she was a victim of harassment by the most powerful men from the Bollywood industry.

The web series took inspiration from real-life events, with plenty of bold, sexual, thrilling and glamourous scenes.

The series boasts a big star line up. They include Vivan Bhatena, Amit Behl, Sikandar Kharbanda, Bikramjeet Kanwarpa, Isha Anand Sharma.

The director told Huffington Post India that the series delivers a key message to the audience:

“Be a chooser, not a loser.”

There are eight episodes in total for this popular Hindi web series.

3G Gali Galoch Girls (2019)

15 Best Indian Bold and Sexy Web Series on Ullu - 3G Gali Galoch Girls

3G Gali Galoch Girls is a famous erotic comedy-drama web series, with direction courtesy of Sajan Agarwal. The story is about three best urban female friends who share and encounter their sexual fantasies.

Besides lusty erotica, there are many comical scenes in the series too. The three bold women believe in equality, having fun like the boys.

The series stars Kavya Kiran, Akshita Sethi, Pari Choudhary, Paras Saluja, Vishal Dubey.

There are some cheesy lines from all the actors throughout the series, with the word ‘tharki’ (lecherous) also being used.

3G Gali Galoch Girls is an eight-part web show, with each episode having a short time span.

Gandu (2019)

15 Best Indian Bold and Sexy Web Series on Ullu - Gandu

Gandu is a bold suspense-thriller web series under the direction of Shhagir Khan. The series is based on a struggling actor Vicky who is raped by the prominent fashion designer Sheetal Mahotra.

The series shows Vicky fighting for his justice. Sohail and Soniya act as the saviours, coming to the rescue of their friend Vicky.

The web series features Vikram Bham, Paras Madaan, Ruma Sharma, Mohit Nain and Khushi Mukherjhee. Vikram spoke to IWMMBuzz about the inspiration behind his role in the series:

“I was happy to take up the negative character as it is challenging.”

“I was inspired by the Hollywood movie Split. The character name itself is intriguing.”

Gandu is a short two-episode series, with several bold scenes in it. The episodes are between 16-20 minutes long.

Panchali (2019)

15 Best Indian Bold and Sexy Web Series on Ullu - Panchali 1.1

Panchali is an erotic suspense drama web series, which Deepak Pandey spearheads as the director. The series touches on the ill tradition of a woman willingly marrying four brothers from one family.

The fifth brother who has a good education from the city refuses to follow a similar path. However, the woman tempts the fifth brother via “greed jealousy and manipulation.”

Watch this 5-part series to find out why this woman takes extreme measures in her life.

Anupriya Goenka, Aman Verma, Upen Chauhan, Samridh Bawa, Rohan Pratap Singh, Avinash Mukherjee, Manvik Tanna, Kamal Malik feature in this series.

Kavita Bhabhi (2020)

15 Best Indian Bold and Sexy Web Series on Ullu - Kavita Bhabhi

Kavita Bhabhi is an erotic adult web series which takes inspiration from the successful comic, Savita Bhabhi. Faisal Saif is the co-creator and director of this successful web series.

The series revolves around the young hot and seductive Kavita Bhabi (Kavita Radheshyam) who gives a pleasurable experience to men during phone consultations.

During each phone call, by narrating different bed stories in a very sensual and romantic way, she sexually cures men who are attracted to her.

She charges a fair share in the exchange of these phone conversations. Viewers will get to see quite a few bold scenes in this series

Nishant Pandey (Karan, Ajay, Varun, Avinash), Amita Nangia (Mother-In-Law), Divya Dwivedi (Rashmi, Aarti). Pushing the boat with the erotica element, Film News in their review comment:

“When I took a seat and watched Kavita Bhabhi, I found out, this web series pushes the envelope little far.

“Not cheap or vulgar, but still, you would want to have a distance while talking about it.”

Season one had eight-episodes in total. The series also has season two.

Khul Ja Sim Sim (2020)

15 Best Indian Bold and Sexy Web Series on Ullu - Khul Ja Sim Sim

Khul Ja Sim Sim is an erotic comedy-drama web series led by director Ravikant Singh. The bold and sexy web series is about a young charismatic woman Simran who ties the knot with Awdesh.

But her dreams of having a pleasurable sexual experience are crushed when she comes to know of her hubby’s inadequacy.

Simran has no choice but to restrain her desires, after knowing the reality. However, soon after many villagers want her, especially as she has an attractive personality. A tricky gangster is one of them, along with wishing to marry her also.

The web series has sensual adult content as well as lots of comedy and humour. Khul Ja Sim Sim has eight episodes. Watch the series to see how the story progresses.

Riti Riwaj (2020)

15 Best Indian Bold and Sexy Web Series on Ullu - Riti Riwaj 1.1

Riti Riwaj is an erotic drama web series made of several parts on Ullu. The different titles of this series include ‘Water Wives,’ ‘Wife on Rent’ and ‘Love Festival.’

Ritesh Kumar is the director of the first part, whilst Vinod Laxmi Kumar was responsible for the direction of part two and three.

Each part has a different story to it. Even the stars and characters are different in the three parts. The main themes of the web series include sexual desires, lusty affairs and multiple marriages

All three parts have two episodes each. Each episode has a running time between 18-24 minutes.

Many people have found this series very interesting, primarily for its bold content.

Wanna Have A Good Time (2018), Wanna Have A Good Time 2 (2019), Singardaan (2019) and Size Matters (2018) are other bold and sexy web series that you can consider.

Meanwhile, the fifteen web series mentioned are not just about romance and sex, they also tackle some very important subjects.

Enjoy these spicy and entertaining web series on the Ullu ‘Dekhte Raho’ App.

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