6 Bengali Bold & Sexy Web Series on Hoichoi

Online content in the Bengali language has created a alot of buzz. DESIblitz presents 6 best Indian bold and sexy web series on Hoichoi.

6 Bengali Bold & Sexy Web Series on Hoichoi - F1

"There is a thin line between love and lust"

Indian Video-on-demand (VOD) service, Hoichoi is churning out bold and sexy web series on their popular streaming platform.

Launched in 2017, it is the first over-the-top media service with a Bengal focus. Thus, all these bold and sexy web shows are releasing in the popular regional language of Bengali.

Many stars such as Raim Sen and Barkha Sengupta made their Bengali web series debut in a Hoichoi original.

Some of the popular series have also been dubbed in Hindi for universal viewers in India and across the world

There is a lot of sexual content in these web series, particularly with no strict censorship or scrutiny.

We take a closer look at 6 Indian bold and sexy web series of varied genres on Hocichoi.

Warning: There are some semi-nude images below:

Hello (2017)

6 India Bold & Sexy Web Series on Hoichoi - Hello

Hello is a Hoichoi Original thrilling sexy web series. The web show features Raima Sen, Joy Sengupta and Priyanka Sarkar.

Hello is also the first Bengali web series for Raima. The series begins with a bang from the very first scene.

The life of Nandita (Raima Sen) turns upside down after receiving a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

The MMS shows her hubby Ananyo (Joy Sengupta) getting intimate with Nina (Priyanka Sarkar).

Viewers can watch the series to see how the mystery and intentions unfold. Describing it as a “Bengali best thriller web series”, an IMDb user praises the show, noting:

“The best web series I’ve ever seen. The presentation and excitement in the series has been very nice.”

The eight-episode season one began streaming from September 25, 2017. Coming out on December 28, 2019, season two also has eight episodes.

Dupur Thakurpo (2017)

6 India Bold & Sexy Web Series on Hoichoi - Dupur Thakurpo

Dupur Thakurpo is a bold comedy web series available on Hoichoi. Familiar names are starring in this web series.

Swastika Mukherjee, Mona Lisa and Flora Saini all have pivotal roles in the series.

In season one, Uma Boudi (Swastika Mukherjee) is the new wife of Jiyan Babu. He is the landlord of a group of young bachelors. The six bachelors begin to show their desire and excitement for Uma.

In season two, the main role changes its name to Jhuma Boudi. Mona Lisa is the star attraction of it. Flora Saini takes on the role of Phulwa Boudi in season three.

Singling out the acting of Swastika and the fun element, an IMDb reviewer comments:

“Performance by Swastika Mukherjee is impressive. And the humours also good. A good watch.”

Season one with ten episodes originally released on October 1, 2017. The five-part season two began streaming from May 26, 2018.

On October 25, 2019, season three with five episodes made it to this VOD platform.

Japani Toy (2018)

6 India Bold & Sexy Web Series on Hoichoi - Japani

Japani Toy is a bold and sexy web series. The original Hoichoi web show revolves around a man by the name of Dildo Kumar.

After arriving in Kolkata from Delhi, Dildo establishes a sex shop, trading dolls of a sexual nature.

The social and political satire also delves into various story arcs, which blend nicely. The main stars of the show include Rajat Ganguly, Kaushiki Guha, Rajdeep Gupta and Ishaa Saha.

Reviewing the series, an IMDb user was surprised by the amazing content of the series:

“When I started to watch this, was expecting some b-graded comedy and i was prepared to stop it in between as I had my AMC ticket to watch a Hollywood flick in the coming hour.

“And then guess what! It amazed me! Shocked me by going beyond the expectation. Characters are cool, narrative is slick and smart. Sense of humor? Quite good! Definitely a Go!”

Season one with seven episodes made its way on the popular streaming service on May 12, 2018. The seven-part season two came out after more than a year on Independence Day, August 15, 2019.

Viewers can watch the series in Bengali and Hindi. The web show has some sexual portrayals.

Mismatch (2018)

6 India Bold & Sexy Web Series on Hoichoi - Mismatch

Mismatch is a bold comedy web series, with Soumik Chattopadhyay being the director. The Hoichoi original web show was also later available in Hindi to watch.

American-Indian actress, Racheh White made her web series debut with Mismatch. It was also a Bengali web series debut for Riya Sen.

The lead stars include Kanchan Mullick, Payel Sarkar, Abhishek Singh, Mainak Banerjee, Rajdeep Gupta and Supurna Malakar.

The series focuses on couple swapping. It shows how couples exchange their partners, where the marriage has issues. But the big question is do the couples actually really do this?

Praising the acting of Kanachan, a review by Pakao states:

“It is really a treat to the eyes to watch how Kanchan Mullick just slips into the skin of any character that comes his way.

“This man can be awfully funny, painfully emotional and absolutely malicious—he can play anything, anytime.”

Season one with six episodes came out on September 15, 2018. The five-part season two released on May 3, 2019.

Finally, season three, consisting of five episodes made its way to Hoichoi on September 18, 2020.

Charitraheen (2018)

10 Best Indian Bold Web Series with Sexual Content - Dupur Thakurpo - Charitraheen

Charitraheen is a thrilling bold and sexy web series. The Hoichoi Original presentation is an adaptation of the namesake novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay.

The Debaloy Bhattacharya direction maintains all the twists and turns of the original story, but with a modern take.

In line with the meaning of the title, the series depicts everyone as characterless. Viewers will be guessing what happens next.

Somendra Battacharya, Ankita Chakraborty and Gaurav Chatterjee, Naina Ganguly, Sayani Ghosh are the lead artists of the series.

The series covers a couple and others in search of love, as well as the life of a woman, following her husband’s death.

Several steamy scenes are featuring Naina in the web series. The Filmy Judge reviewing the series writes:

“There is a thin line between love and lust which is clearly shown in this series. Each and every character meets his breaking point, just because of one main reason….Lust for a different body.”

The web series has a total of twenty episodes. Season one with eleven episodes made its premiere from September 29, 2018, Releasing out on June 28, 2019, Season two has nine episodes.

Kamini (2019)

6 India Bold & Sexy Web Series on Hoichoi - Kamini

Kamini is a horror-comedy web series with sexual content. Rik Basu is the director of the web show.

Barkha Sengupta who made her Bengali web series debut in Kamini plays the main title role. Her character is of a mysterious woman.

The web show follows two boys, Soumya and Arnab who manage a small private detective agency. They have to investigate a case, upon arrival at Kamini’s village.

Besides breaking the myth surrounding Kamini, the duo wishes to help the villagers, particularly with men disappearing from there.

Other than Bengali, the series is also available to watch in Hindi. Barkha says this genre is not very easy to pull off:

“Horror-Comedy is difficult to execute as it has to be scary and funny at the same time.

“Invoking two emotions, one after the other, from the audience is no joke!”

“I am glad hoichoi has taken up this challenge and for me to play the lead role and to embark on this mission to deliver such content is enthralling.”

Before the release on September 25, 2019, the makers of the show unveiled a song called Shorir Khela
This original Hoichoi web series has eight episodes in total.

Paap (2019) is yet another series which has adult content. This thriller web series reflects on the past, an unexpected guest and murder.

All the aforementioned bold and sexy web series have something for everyone. Treat yourself to a weekend of original Hoichoi web shows.

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