7 Top Web Series To Stream on Hoichoi in 2023

Hoichoi invites you to kick back and relax in 2023 with some amazing web series. Join us as we explore seven unmissable shows.

7 Top Web Series To Stream on Hoichoi in 2023 - f

"He stole every scene he was in."

In the fascinating realm of digital content, Hoichoi is a hugely famous platform.

It is a Bengali organisation that hosts a variety of entertaining web series that viewers just love to explore.

In September 2022, Hoichoi experienced a rise of 50% in subscriptions, thus signifying its increase in popularity.

These booming figures are all set to reach new heights by the end of 2023, with dazzling new shows for audiences to stream.

Delving into some of this exciting content, DESIblitz presents seven Hoichoi web series you must see.

Buker Moddhye Agun


This jaw-dropping thriller series made its Hoichoi debut on March 2, 2023. It consists of eight episodes.

It follows the story of the film actor Arman Rahman Joy (Yash Rohan) who has taken his own life.

A viral video that instilled a patriotic surge in Arman prompts authorities to investigate his death.

ASP Golam Mamun (Ziaul Faruq Apurba) takes the challenge. He incidentally is a die-hard fan of Arman.

‘Natunnewsmonitor’ praises the sterling performance of Ziaul, highlighting his scene-stealing approach to the role:

“[Ziaul] was excellent as ASP Golam Mamun. He stole every scene he was in. His character was well fleshed out.

“Loved the way his character was connected with the life of the superstar in the end.”

Filled with twists and turns, Buker Moddhye Agun will leave audiences craving more.



This eerily intriguing show landed on Hoichoi on April 21, 2023, with seven episodes.

Jaatishawr tackles the subject matter of reincarnation. As Roopkatha (Madhumita Sarcar) grapples with this idea, creepy memories from what seems to be a past life haunt her.

Rohaan Bhattacharya also gives a sincere charm, playing Roopkatha’s boyfriend Arani Chowdhury. He gives the series a nice, fluid romance which is relatable for audiences.

The series also hosts amazing performances from Bidipta Chakraborty (Mandira Chowdhury) and Ananya Sengupta (Atashi Chowdhury).

Madhumita delivers a performance of boldness and finesse. Her facial expressions convey fear and confusion, thereby hooking viewers immediately.

She is sexy, bold and beautiful and lights up the screen whenever she is in the frame.

Intricately crafted with romance and mystery, Jaatishawr is a captivating web series.

Homestay Murders


Consisting of six episodes, Homestay Murders dived onto Hoichoi on May 12, 2023.

A talented cohort of actors come together to create original characters.

They investigate a murder, surrounded by the seclusion of mountains.

These unforgettable characters include Kinjal (Saurav Das), Aminesh (Arjun Chakrabarty) and Damini (Sohini Sarkar).

Sharp, brash and witty, everyone leaves an indelible stamp on the show. They are confident people who remain in the minds of viewers.

An IMDB review underlines the show’s ability to hook the audience:

“Crisp editing and a tight screenplay hooked us from the beginning.

“The hilly region is the perfect set-up for this murder story.

“The storyline is simple, but the narration is fantastic.”

Suspenseful and climactic, Homestay Murders is not one to miss.

Mission Huntdown


This breathtaking web series arrived on Hoichoi on June 28, 2023. It has 10 amazing episodes.

Mission Huntdown showcases the inspiring story of the unflinching Neera (Bidya Sinha Saha Mim).

She meets Officer Mahid (FS Nayeem) as she tries to find her missing husband Zillur (Sumit Sen Gupta).

The actors are sensitive and compassionate as they perform their roles. One finds themselves rooting for them all the way.

At one point, Mahid declares:

“This time, the whole country will be shaken.”

Mission Huntdown is decorated with powerful performances and gritty storylines. It is perfect for spine-tingling viewing.

Sharey Showlo


This mysterious show made its Hoichoi debut on August 16, 2023. It comprises six episodes, all of which churn out terrific iconography.

Afran Nisho inhabits the world of the successful lawyer Reza. He is on the brink of winning the most significant case he has ever worked on.

However, a peculiar murder in the Violet Inn threatens to change everything.

With accusations and rumours flying around, will Reza be able to prove his innocence?

Sharey Showlo also boasts of impressive performances from Intekhab Dinar (Rakib) and Zakia Bari Momo (Rini).

Afran delves into what appealed to him about playing Reza:

“Reza is an intelligent and successful lawyer, yet a flawed human being who is cunning, yet also a family man. This is a character that greatly appealed to me.”

Such an intriguing character at the core of a fresh, new show can only make it even more interesting.

Kumudini Bhavan


Kumudini Bhavan is a seven-part web series which became available for streaming on August 25, 2023.

A puzzling death at the titular precinct tests Inspector Hochi Sarkar (Ambarish Bhattacharya) and Anushree (Ushasi Ray).

They discover unsettling secrets and lies, with more deaths to contend with as the series progresses.

The standout from this series is Ambarish. The actor adorns his performance with a perfect blend of humour and complexity.

This gives Kumudini Bhavan an equal balance of comic relief and seriousness.

A review speaks glowingly of the character, underscoring his genuineness and relatability:

“Hochi is genuine. He is that character that we all recognise, that we have all been at some point in our lives.

“A strong, capable, grounded common man with a keen sense of duty and fairness.”

If one wishes to see a web series that intertwines comedy with mystery, Kumudini Bhavan is a top choice.

Mr Kolketa


Mr Kolketa premiered on Hoichoi on September 8, 2023. It has eight episodes.

Dripping with comedy, the story follows Ritwick Chakraborty (Kalakallol ‘Kolke’ Dutta) and Rajnandini Paul (Jhelum).

They both form an unlikely duo who hunt for treasure in the tunnels of Kolkata.

The partnership is especially memorable due to the juxtaposition of the contrasting personalities and the age gap.

It proves that these are not obstacles to friendship and teamwork.

A review of the series on ‘ottplay.com’ accentuates Rajnandini’s exuberant performance:

“[Rajnandini] brings a whiff of fresh air on screen with her chic casualness.”

Exhilarating and original, Mr Kolketa makes for an entertaining, comedic show.

In an era where digital content is raging, there is so much competition in viewing choices and audience tastes.

In order to succeed, platforms must keep on producing dynamic and effective web series.

These shows will be ingrained in the audience long after the ending credits have rolled.

With mystery, comedy and thrill blessing the channel, Hoichoi establishes itself firmly within the digital market.

2023 is a year that sees Hoichoi unmistakably in the game of top-quality entertainment and unmissable content.

Manav is a creative writing graduate and a die-hard optimist. His passions include reading, writing and helping others. His motto is: “Never hang on to your sorrows. Always be positive."

Images courtesy of IMDB and Binged.

Videos courtesy of YouTube.

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