6 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on ZEE5 in 2021

Zee5 has given the audience some entertaining Indian web series in 2021. DESIblitz showcases 6 captivating shows you will love to see.

6 Indian Web Series to Watch on ZEE5 in 2021 – f

"She killed it in each and every scene."

When it comes to the Indian web series, ZEE5 has firmly stamped its position in the OTT (over-the-top) market.

In 2021, it has brought the audience several web shows, which dazzle and entertain millions of viewers.

Some of these programmes are original series and some are new seasons to existing material.

However, the fresh output of the platform holds a penchant for hooking viewers. It makes investing time and money in ZEE5 worthwhile.

Besides Hindi, some of the web shows are in another regional language of India.

We present 6 pleasurable shows that will make you binge on ZEE5 for hours in 2021.

Jeet Ki Zid

6 Indian Web Series to Watch on ZEE5 in 2021 – Jeet Ki Zid

Jeet Ki Zid is an emotional drama series, which premiered on January 22, 2021. What makes this show stand out even more is that it is based on a true story.

This Indian web series is a refreshing take on the life of Major Deependra Singh Sengar. In Jeet Ki Zid, Amit Sadh brings him to life.

During the Kargil War, Major Deependra is left paralysed below the waist. The series focuses on his inspiring, positive attitude and unrelenting determination.

Deependra’s optimism leads him to become a success in the corporate world. Amit’s performance in the series is at the heart of the show.

He is raw and relatable, with his face being a canvas for a vibrant array of heart-wrenching emotions.

Praising Amits performance, Archika Khurana from Times of India mentions how the audience have empathy with his role:

“[Amit] impeccably slips into Deep’s character, and makes viewers empathise with the different emotions the character goes through.”

Major Deependra’s wife, Jaya Sengar (Amrita Puri) also utters a powerful line in the show:

“Fights are not just fought on battlefields. One needs to confront battles in life too.”

Jeet Ki Zid is really a mixture of resolve and emotion. It is much more than a history lesson about a brave soldier.

Each episode in this seven-part series will keep viewers engrossed.

Jamai 2.0 (Season 2)

6 Indian Web Series to Watch on ZEE5 in 2021_ – Jamai 2.0 (Season 2)

The second season of Jamai 2.0 consists of ten episodes. This Indian web series was released on February 26, 2021.

The second series follows the lives of Roshni (Nia Sharma) and Sidharth (Ravi Dubey). The two enjoy their life together.

However, complications arise when DD (Anchit Kaur) declares that her son is dead to save him from a murder conviction.

The problem is that the murder he commits is of Sidharth’s sister. DD is related to Roshni. Hence, the latter must choose between family and love.

Thus, the second installment of Jamai 2.0 is a chain of dilemma, love, and bravery.

RepublicWorld.com cites Twitter reactions to the series from fans.

One user compliments on the acting of the leade pair:

“This season was just fire. Nia Sharma and Ravi Dubey have taken it to another level.”

The character development of Roshni also impresses viewers. Noor compliments the character’s return on Twitter:

“What can I say about the first episode? My Roshni is back with a bang! She killed it in each and every scene.”

Nia and Ravi generate mesmerising chemistry on screen. Their seductive personas and presence make them one of the best onscreen couples on ZEE5.

This programme is gritty, suspenseful, and dramatic. Fans of the first season will definitely want to check out the return of the series.

Qubool Hai 2.0

6 Indian Web Series to Watch on ZEE5 in 2021_ – Qubool Hai 2.0

Qubool Hai 2.0 witnessed its premiere on March 12, 2021. It is an action-orientated Indian web series, comprising of ten episodes.

The show presents the collision of Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya Farooqi (Surbi Jyoti).

At first, Zoya’s love for poetry irritate Asad. However, gradually, mutual trust and understanding builds up between them.

The series is concocted with thrilling action sequences and arrests. The series ends on a cliff-hanger where Zoya must decide whether she trusts Asad after all.

It is stimulating to see the series not resorting to the typical ending of uniting characters in a loving relationship.

India.com recognises the absorbing narrative of the series, as well as the chemistry between lead pair:

“The show keeps you engrossed and entangled in the constantly unravelling mysteries, and new sub-plotlines as Asad and Zoya fight goons, and stay in hiding unaware of the larger picture ahead.

“Later, some new twists are introduced to make the narrative even more interesting.

“You keep scratching your heads to see if there’s something else behind this fascination and evident spark.”

The gripping factors in Qubool Hai 2.0 will leave the audience gasping for breath and rooting for the protagonists all the way.

For that, the show is definitely a worthwhile watch.

Room No. 54

6 Indian Web Series to Watch on ZEE5 in 2021 – Room No. 54

Room No. 54 is an Indian web series that tells stories in Telegu. Featuring ten episodes, it had its premiere on May 21, 2021.

The title of the show suggests the setting is of characters in a residential setting. In this case, the precinct is an engineering college.

The series narrates the stories of four students. All are male and the show contains lots of male-orientated banter. These include cancelling plans to crash at Goa and stressful exams.

Of course, there are girl troubles floating around as well.

The main cast comprises of Krishna Prasad (Yuvaraj), Pawon Ramesh (Prasanna), Moin (Venkat Rao) and Krishna Teja (Babai).

All four leads are empathetic and they feel approachable. The primary audience for Room No. 54 is the younger generation, with a demographic of students.

However, the stories will remind older viewers of their college days too.

GreatAndhra.com acknowledges Krishna has a slight edge with a comedic performance and his dialogues:

“Krishna Teja who appears as a student and aspires to become a filmmaker gets the best lines.”

Not just Krishna, but the rest of the cast breathes life into Room No. 54.

The show has colours of nostalgia and youth, making it worth at least one watch.


6 Indian Web Series to Watch on ZEE5 in 2021 – Sunflower

Sunflower is noteworthy, with acclaimed Bollywood film director Vikas Bahl being at the helm of it. Vikas has directed hit movies such as Queen (2013) and Super 30 (2019).

This Indian web series made its debut on ZEE5 on June 11, 2021, and consists of eight episodes.

The show opens in a haunting manner, where Raj Kapoor (Ashwin Kaushal) is found dead in a flat. He lives in the fictional Sunflower Housing Society.

Sonu Singh (Sunil Grover) gets drawn to the mystery and finds himself as the prime suspect.

The show also features police officers Digendra (Ranvir Shorey) and Chetan Tambe (Girish Kulkarni). Girish also had a key role in the 2016 blockbuster, Dangal. 

Sunil is excellent in the role he plays. Sunil’s expressions truly give chills as he ends up in his unthinkable predicament.

Arushi Jain from Indian Express particularly lauds Sunil’s character:

“Grover’s character of Sonu Singh takes the cake. Vikas Bahl has made him a perfect mix of quirkiness and innocence.

“If at one moment you doubt his intentions, the very next moment you sympathise with him. It’s a pleasure to see Grover in a role of some substance.”

Girish also shines in his role as the sub-inspector, Chetan. He brings a volatile and edgy mood, which he is a master of on the big screen.

Sunflower also raises sensitive issues such as homosexuality and female stereotypes. The latter includes stigmas surrounding divorce and remaining single.

With so much to enjoy, Sunflower is a series one should not miss.

LOL Salaam

6 Indian Web Series to Watch on ZEE5 in 2021 – LOL Salaam

LOL Salaam is a Telegu Indian web series, which came out on June 25, 2021. It features six episodes and is a comedy adventure show.

During a road trip, a group of five friends find themselves in a horrifying situation. Their car crashes and one of them accidentally steps on a landmine.

The group must then either learn how to successfully diffuse it or face death.

Kavish Kautuila plays Reddy, who is the man who makes the fateful error of encountering the landmine.

It is good to see the series deal with a terrifying incident in a comedic way. That adds to the show’s originality.

The camaraderie of the cast is also electrifying. In comedy, it is vital to have performers who bounce off each other well. LOL Salaam certainly achieves that.

GulteTech.com warmly highlights the performance of Kavish, as well as the humorous language and situations in the show:

“Kavish Kautuila is impressive as the frustrated youth. The manner in which the friends create a comedy at each other’s issues has been dealt with well.

“The common lingo of the entire gang looks funny.”

LOL Salaam is a great web series that turns negativity into positivity. For this very reason, viewers can give it a try.

ZEE5 has presented some unforgettable and iconic shows in 2021. They have made a tough year lighter, infusing screens with comedy, action, and romance.

Each series of 2021 is unique and holds its own knack for storytelling.

They represent the diversity and exquisite nature of the moving times in terms of streaming platforms. Each show will draw viewers in and they will not rest until long after the ending credits roll.

With so much filling the screen, ZEE5 welcomes audiences to relax in front of it in 2021.

Manav is a creative writing graduate and a die-hard optimist. His passions include reading, writing and helping others. His motto is: “Never hang on to your sorrows. Always be positive."

Images Courtesy of Facebook, Pinkvilla, ZEE5, The Indian Express, The Current, IndiaGlitz.com, AnyTV News and News18

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