Nadia Jamil shares ‘Cringe Moments’ while watching Barbie

Nadia Jamil expressed her disappointment with ‘Barbie’ and took to Twitter to share her “cringe moments” while watching the film.

Nadia Jamil shares 'Cringe Moments' while watching Barbie f

“They are interested in bullying and domineering men"

Nadia Jamil has expressed her disappointment regarding the new Barbie movie.

She took to Twitter to inform her fans what she thought was wrong with the film.

Nadia said she was unhappy with the depiction of a pregnant Barbie, believing it mocked pregnancy.

She also accused the film of promoting unhealthy messages, regarding both beauty and body image.

Nadia tweeted: “I’d like to share a few of my cringe moments while watching Barbie.

“I’d also like to say the ONLY reason I wasted my money on it was because the Government of Punjab banned it.”

Nadia Jamil also voiced her disappointment over how many times cellulite was mentioned in a negative light.

She claimed that this can cause a lot of body negativity in young girls.

Nadia also voiced her concerns about how the length of your hair could label you as weird. She said the film was obsessed with beauty standards and this was radiating negativity to young impressionable girls.

She continued: “The Barbie world is awful and cruel to Ken and Barbie’s are never interested in equality.

“They are interested in bullying and domineering men, almost in revenge for the real world. Another s**t message to kids.”

However, Nadia was all praise for Ryan Gosling and his portrayal of Ken, stating that he was worth the money spent on a cinema ticket.

Nadia concluded that Barbie was boring and not for intelligent adults. She said it lacked humour and highlighted negative ideologies of beauty to its young audience.

Nadia’s Twitter outburst was met with shock by fans, with many trolling her for her review.

One person asked: “Is this tweet a joke?”

Another said: “This is one of the worst reviews I’ve read on the film.

“You clearly missed out on how some of the monologues went on or how one woman gave strength to another.”

One fan wrote: “Nadia ma’am, it sounds like you stopped watching the movie after the first five minutes and started typing your essay.”

A user wrote: “You missed the entire point.

“It’s a satirical take on beauty standards perpetuated by ‘Stereotypical Barbie,’ which is [Margot] Robbie’s character’s name.

“The [over-the-top]  manner in which this is conveyed is to highlight the absurdity of these notions. Her entire journey is one of unlearning.”

Responding to the trolls, Nadia Jamil wrote:

“To all the lovely children mocking, abusing and insulting me because I didn’t like some commercial cult offering from America, I send love, prayers, and hope, that they learn to listen to different opinions with tolerance and a little more respect.

“And, for your information, even if I am the personification of stupidity, and the joke is lost on me, in my humble opinion, it’s still a really boring film.”

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