Nadia Jamil express anger over Rape Remark in ‘Hadsa’

‘Hadsa’ continues to receive criticism for its storyline and Nadia Jamil has slammed a piece of dialogue that she has called “disgusting”.

Nadia Jamil details Childhood Sexual Abuse f

"As a survivor, I am offended and disgusted by the comment."

Nadia Jamil has called out the makers of Hadsa for a “disgusting” piece of dialogue made in relation to rape.

Since its release, Hadsa has garnered controversy for appearing to be inspired by the real-life rape of a woman on a motorway in 2020.

The victim came forward and called for the show to be taken off air.

The latest episode features the aftermath of the rape and shows an injured Taskeen (Hadiqa Kiani) in hospital.

However, one piece of dialogue has angered Nadia Jamil, who revealed that the dialogue loosely translates to:

“Like a corpse cannot come back to life, lost honour also never comes back.”

Stating that the comment is insensitive to rape victims, Nadia said:

“This is disgusting. As a survivor, I am offended and disgusted by the comment.

“No honour of any rape survivor is robbed. Those who rape have no honour, they should feel shame.

“Survivors are shattered physically, mentally and emotionally by rape. Their capacity to trust the world or even themselves is shattered.

“Please remember this woman is honourable. She is not dirty or ‘used’ because violent men forced themselves upon her.

“People who want to make films or dramas on sensitive topics like rape, PLEASE research and work with survivors and people facilitating healing in survivors, before throwing crap like this out.”

Many fans and followers agreed with Nadia’s statement and agreed that the drama should be taken off the air.

One social media user said: “Exactly! That’s so disgusting.

“Someone who has raped her has lost their dignity. The victim does not lose their dignity.”

Another said: “Absolutely. This is what we have been ingrained with. The shame that the victims and the survivors have to carry.

“Even though they have nothing to be ashamed of. They were victims of circumstances.”

One comment read: “A woman’s respect or her family’s respect does not lie inside her vagina.”

Mathira also slammed the dialogue and wrote:

“This is so sad! These words are so insensitive. Why is the woman blamed and labelled? This is just so traumatising for the victims!”

Individuals also slammed the actors in the show and said they should be ashamed of themselves.

Hadsa is airing on Geo TV and has an ensemble cast of Aly Khan, Zhalay Sarhadi, Juggun Kazim and Saleem Mairaj.

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