Hadsa slammed for ‘Glorifying’ Motorway Rape Incident

Geo TV’s new drama ‘Hadsa’ has been criticised for appearing to glorify the motorway rape incident in 2020.

Hadsa slammed for 'Glorifying' Motorway Rape Incident f

“They have made a drama on my life."

Geo TV has come under fire for their new show Hadsa for appearing to glorify the horrific motorway rape incident.

Starring Hadiqa Kiani, the show depicts a headstrong woman who is raped while travelling with her son on a highway.

Hadsa also shows the aftermath when the victim is in hospital.

Since airing, viewers pointed out how the storyline seemed to be inspired by a 2020 incident where a woman was travelling on a motorway towards Lahore with her two children when she was raped by two men.

Abid Malhi and Shafqat Ali Bagga were later sentenced to death for the crime.

The victim has now accused Geo TV of being insensitive for creating a show based on her life.

She reached out to journalist Fereeha Idrees to help her get Hadsa taken off air.

Speaking on behalf of the victim, referred to as ‘Z’, Fereeha stated that she was surprised when she received a call from Z and was shocked by her panic.

Unable to say anything at first, and with some encouragement from Fereeha, Z asked if it was possible for a drama to be made about her traumatic experiences.

Fereeha said she was shocked by Z’s words as she was unaware that such a drama was even on TV.

The statement read: “They have made a drama on my life.

“As if I am nothing, no one asked me, it’s the same, they are showing the same things, oh my God!

“Why didn’t I die before reliving this again? You know, I didn’t sleep after the incident for many nights, and it’s all back now.

“I haven’t slept a wink since I saw this terrible horrendous depiction of the most terrible moments of my life which I so want to forget. Why are they doing this to me?”

Z went on to say that after each episode there is a lengthy discussion on social media surrounding the incident and this should be classified as harassment.

The statement continued: “They have followed my life, isn’t this harassment?

“How have they traced things in my life when I was so clear of keeping everything so private?

“My in-laws must be watching it, my brother-in-law, my mother, my neighbours. No one even cared to ask me?

“I am not dead yet! Do they want me dead? Can’t I just forget about this and move on?”

“Do they even know how I am spending my life? Every day is a struggle.

“I am being thick-skinned and staying alive only for my children. They didn’t even care for my children. My kids have not forgotten [the incident].”

Z asked Fereeha to put a stop to Hadsa and said she did not want to be labelled the ‘motorway wali [the one from the motorway]’.

“Can you please get this drama stopped? Can Pakistan please help me to stop this?

“It’s like the whole world is watching my misery and pain as I am reliving it. They can make this after we have all died.”

Fereeha has since criticised the show’s makers for being unsympathetic towards the victim and her children.

Many have come out in support of the victim and agreed that Hadsa should be taken off air.

One person wrote: “In a shameless nation what else do we expect?

“It needs to stop immediately and Geo needs to publicly apologise, and the actors, producer, writer, everyone!”

Another said: “Hadiqa Kiyani, shame on you for agreeing to do this role. People will do anything for money.”

Sana is from a law background who's pursuing her love of writing. She likes reading, music, cooking and making her own jam. Her motto is: "Taking the second step is always less scarier than taking the first."

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