Nadia Jamil details Childhood Sex Abuse

Pakistani actress Nadia Jamil shared horrific details about her traumatic childhood experiences, revealing she was sexually abused.

Nadia Jamil details Childhood Sexual Abuse f

“First time I was sexually abused, I was four years old"

Nadia Jamil has recently spoken of her traumatic childhood experiences.

Speaking on The Voice of America Urdu, Nadia spoke of her past and why she opted to speak up about it.

She revealed: “I was being harassed or abused by the house help at my own house. I reported the incident to the family but no one paid attention to it.

“I also became quiet and didn’t react to it because no one took it seriously.

“I thought it was not a big deal but it was after the Kasur incident when I decided to speak up for the awareness of those kids who become victims.

“I wanted to tell this to the kids to speak up and never stop living your life, I took the matter to social media and I was surprised to see how common it was that I got a great response.”

Nadia claimed that this is common in Pakistan and that society is to blame.

She accused society of not addressing the issue openly and that there should be awareness campaigns.

Nadia added: “If such a practice is common in a society, then one must learn that the society has a lot of rising psychological issues which need to be addressed.

“I would urge parents to stay with their kids all the time, don’t leave them alone. Most importantly, we need to educate people.”

In a separate tweet, Nadia Jamil wrote:

“First time I was sexually abused, I was four years old, then nine, then 17/18.

“It has taken me years to fight deep depression, sadness, fear and a shame I had no business feeling, to be where I am now.”

“Healed. Not just surviving but thriving. There is a way from the pain to peace. You are never alone. Love Nado.”

Nadia Jamil made herself a name in the television industry with her hit serials such as Damsa, Mujhe Jeene Do, Mere Aas Paas and Duure Shehwar.

She has been applauded for her bravery in her battle with breast cancer, which she successfully beat.

Nadia shared the good news with her fans on Instagram after receiving her test results.

She wrote: “All tests for cancer are clear. Shukar Alhamdulillah.

“Thank you for all your love, prayers and support.

“I have some nerve damage in my feet due to the brutal chemotherapy, but I shall live to dance my way because bhangra is all in the shoulders anyway.”

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