Sherlyn Chopra asked ‘Are your breasts real’ by Bollywood agent

Actress Sherlyn Chopra accused a Bollywood agent of sexual misconduct. She alleged that he asked her: “Are your breasts real?”

Sherlyn Chopra asked 'Are your breasts real' by Bollywood agent f

"How can someone ask such a disgusting question?"

Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra took to Twitter to accuse a Bollywood agent of sexual misconduct.

She alleged that KWAN talent agency co-founder Anirban Blah had asked if her breasts were real.

Sherlyn explained that she had gone to him to ask him to help her manage her career. The actress asked if he could help her get into quality films.

She said: “He looked at me up and down all the time. I asked him, ‘What happened sir, am I not well-dressed?’

“He said, ‘No, no. Are your breasts real? Can I touch?’ he asked.”

According to Sherlyn, she then asked Anirban if he was married.

She told him: “Don’t you touch your wife’s. Touch your wife’s breasts. You will know. Whether they are real or fake.”

Anirban then responded by reportedly asking again if “hers” are real.

She continued: “I was shocked. How can someone ask such a disgusting question?

“Whether real or fake, however they are, what’s your problem? Are you a tailor? That you’ve to touch and feel. Nonsense.”

Sherlyn Chopra continued to slam Anirban’s unacceptable behaviour.

“You cannot talk to a lady like this. You must be liking it if any girl touches you or your private parts.”

“A woman does not like that. Especially when she is going to a talent manager. Why would she like it? Don’t you have brains? What does talent have to do with the size of breasts?”

She added: “Whether real or fake, are viewers pained?

“When I experienced things like these, I realised that in this industry many are wearing masks of decency but put up indecent proposals.”

This is not the first time that Anirban Blah has been accused of sexual harassment.

In 2018, he was asked to step down from KWAN after four women accused him of sexual harassment.

Aspiring actress Meira Omar explained she had come to Mumbai to pursue a career as an actress in 2016.

She had a meeting with Anirban. Despite feeling that the meeting did not go well, Anirban called her again and asked to meet her privately.

Meira obliged and said that he called her to his apartment in Juhu.

According to the actress, they had a normal conversation before he started asking inappropriate questions.

At that point, Meira attempted to leave but Anirban allegedly tried to kiss her. However, her taxi arrived and she managed to leave.

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