Nadia Jamil lauds Wahaj Ali for Child Protection Welfare Bureau Visit

Nadia Jamil took to Instagram to praise Wahaj Ali after the actor visited the Child Protection Welfare Bureau in Lahore.

Nadia Jamil lauds Wahaj Ali for Child Protection Welfare Bureau Visit f

"But I knew this would warm your hearts."

Nadia Jamil spoke of her appreciation for Wahaj Ali after he paid a visit to the Child Protection Welfare Bureau in Lahore.

He was spotted at the institute with his family and spoke to the older children about the concept of respect, whether it was for others or for themselves.

Nadia Jamil took to Instagram to share her thoughts about Wahaj.

She said: “The bureau is a very sacred space for me. I do not let everyone meet the children this way. I do not trust everyone with them.

“But I knew this would warm your hearts. The children warm my heart every single time.

“It’s my little brother, Wahaj Ali, spreading love in the amazing down-to-earth way he does, with his even more amazing, loving family, at my home away from home, the Lahore Child Protection Bureau.”

The video shows Wahaj playing with the children and embracing them lovingly.

Nadia continued: “This is why this is special.

“When Wahaj Ali comes to visit the children at the Child Protection Welfare Bureau, he spends hours with his family in every room.

“He makes sure each baby has been held.”

She explained that Wahaj asks important questions regarding the health and future of the children and that he and his wife give their full attention to the children whilst they are there.

Nadia revealed that Wahaj had spoken to the boys about self-respect and that the children listened with eager ears, taking in everything the actor had to say.

She also stated that most celebrities would come to the institute to take photographs and then make a sharp exit, but that Wahaj was the complete opposite.

Nadia stated that Wahaj remained unphased by the amount of children present, or that the weather was hot and humid.

Wahaj also met Rizwana, the young girl who was tortured at the home she worked at by the wife of a civil judge.


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Following Nadia’s post, many fans came forward to praise Wahaj for his efforts.

One user said: “For Wahaj I don’t have enough words. Wahaj you are so wonderful and I feel proud to be your fan. Allah has blessed you with a beautiful heart.

“You are truly amazing, the way you take care of children, talk to them, and play with them is so heartwarming to see.”

One individual thanked Nadia for sharing the video and labelled Wahaj a hero for his words of encouragement towards the boys he spoke to.

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