Indian Matchmaking’s Sima reveals Criteria to be her Client

Sima Taparia, the focal point of Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking’ has explained why she’s ‘picky’ about her clients and thoughts on divorce.

Indian Matchmaking's Sima reveals Criteria to be her Client

"Highly educated girls don’t want to listen"

Sima Taparia, the maestro of love from Mumbai, stepped into the limelight through her captivating presence on the hit television spectacle, Indian Matchmaking.

The reality show, which first graced screens in 2020 has since seen three glorious seasons and catapulted Taparia into the hearts of viewers across the globe.

Her claim to fame? A remarkable knack for helping Desi individuals find love and companionship.

In a recent chat with Mashable India, Sima unveiled her insights into the high rates of divorce today and the characteristics her clients need for her to offer her services. She revealed:

“Divorces happen because there is no patience at all.

“People are divorcing because there is no patience, no adjustment, egoism.

“Highly educated girls don’t want to listen to anyone.

“Those whom I have matched haven’t taken a divorce yet.

“But if it happens, it will be because they don’t have the patience, flexibility, no willingness to adjust, and have ego.

“That’s how problems are created. They don’t have the values of giving, sharing, and caring.

“You need to adjust a bit, compromise a bit, and have patience.”

“We do it in every other sphere, so why not here [in marriage]?”

She further elaborated by saying that people have patience when it comes to things like flight schedules, so why don’t they extend the same level of patience to relationships?

Sima, keen to stress her point, made it clear that her perspective applied to both men and women alike.

Furthermore, Sima stressed that matchmaking is a discerning process. She explained:

“I do a lot of matchmaking for Desis abroad, I get a lot of calls from people in the US.

“I don’t do matchmaking for Christians, Parsis, and Muslims.

“But I choose and pick because I can’t do it for everybody.”

“I usually do matchmaking for clients who have good salary packages, because I only have those types of clients.”

The Indian matchmaker basically laid out her client criteria – patience, adaptability, compromise, and wealth. 

Although the exact fees she charges remain a bit of a mystery, it is generally estimated to fall within the range of $1,300 to $8,000.

The specific amount tends to fluctuate depending on the particular family she is collaborating with.

At first glance, this might seem like a substantial investment, but Sima leaves no stone unturned to ensure that her services deliver exceptional value for the cost.

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