Aahana Kumra has Stopped Watching ‘Cringe’ Hindi OTT Content

Aahana Kumra said she no longer watches Hindi OTT content, labelling them “cringe”. She explained the reason why.

Aahana Kumra has Stopped Watching 'Cringe' Hindi OTT Content f

"I was almost done with the cringe that I was watching"

Aahana Kumra has worked in the OTT space but she revealed that she has not watched any Hindi content for the last two years.

She said: “I don’t identify with it anymore.

“I think a lot of stuff has just been made for the sake of trying to fill in the void.”

Known for web series such as Call My Agent and Marzi, Aahana went on to say that global content appeals to her more.

Aahana continued: “There’s such a huge influx of stuff to watch that come from the international entertainment industry.

“People are really trying to do different things. I was almost done with the cringe that I was watching on Hindi OTT, and I stopped it after a point.

“So, now I opt for a Korean drama or an English show, which makes for an exciting watch.”

Given that most filmmakers have moved into the OTT space, Aahana Kumra believes that same-genre shows lead to repetition.

She said: “There are many different genres that people are experimenting with abroad, but here, we’re just stuck with murder mysteries and investigative shows in India.

“So, I got pretty bored of watching such repetitive content, too.”

She added that in the last two years, she has “literally been offered just one OTT, though I’m getting a lot of film offers”.

Aahana continued: “While watching OTT content, things are quite literally in your (audience) hands, so if you don’t like something, switch the channel.

“If you feel that it’s disturbing, or harmful to you, then don’t watch that content.”

Aahana is against the idea of censorship on OTT and sharing her views on the ongoing debate, she added:

“You decide what you want to watch.

“You can’t ban things on YouTube and if kids are on YouTube, how can you stop them from watching content on OTT platforms?

“How far can you tell your audience to watch something or not?

“The OTT audience is from 16-year-old to 60-year-old, who are sitting at home. And they are not dumb.

“My mother is an OTT content consumer and if she does not like something, she immediately changes.

“That’s the reason why films in theatres aren’t working these days because people are rejecting things outright.

“Our audience is very smart and they know what they want to consume. Censorship won’t make any difference to their choices.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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