Reactions to Padmavat release Date and clash with PadMan

Social media has reacted to Padmavat’s reported new release date and its clash with Akshay Kumar’s PadMan with a flurry of amusing tweets and memes.

Padmavat and PadMan

"#Padmavat will clash with #Padman. So basically it's - a Period Movie vs a Movie on Periods."

Padmavat has once again hit the headlines, but this time for its new release date. Producers have reportedly rescheduled it to the 25th January 2018. However, this is also the same date when Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film PadMan also releases.

With this unexpected clash, many have taken to social media to share their reactions through funny tweets and memes.

According to the Mumbai Mirror, producers of the historical drama are keen to release the film after the CBFC cleared it with a U/A rating.

On 8th January 2018, trade analyst Taran Adarsh and other reporters revealed Padmavat‘s new date of 25th January.

Viacom18 and the movie’s director Sanjay Leela Bhansali have yet to announce the release date themselves.

However, this clash has prompted fears amongst Bollywood as both Padmavat and PadMan are highly anticipated. With the majority of the audience likely to choose watching one over the other, some believe it could affect the financial profits of the two movies.

On social media, many focused on the lighter side of the clash.

For example, Bollywood Gandu found a surprising, common theme between the two movies. Highlighting how Padmavat is a historical, or period, drama and PadMan depicts the invention of low-cost sanitary pads, he tweeted:

Dedicated Bollywood fans will know that another film was scheduled to release on this popular day – Sidharth Malhotra’s Aiyaary. However, its producers have decided to move the flick away from the clash and reschedule it to 9th February.

Perhaps they felt the frenzy of Padmavat vs PadMan would mean Aiyaary would lose attention?

This too has become the subject of memes on Twitter. One particular image, created by RVCJ Media, pointed out how lacklustre the hype for Saidharth’s upcoming flick was compared to its two rivals.

Other memes also poked fun at Padmavat‘s clearing, such as the removal of the ‘i’ in the title and certain modifications to the film’s content. These include changes to the song ‘Ghoomar’ and a disclaimer added in.

With many unsure of what this will mean for the final version of the film, one artist made a tongue-in-cheek reference by redrawing Deepika in her character’s pose. However, instead of her royal garb, she is covered in bandages, akin to a mummy.

With just one eye peeking out, it’s an amusing portrayal of how the film could differ from its original intentions.

Others also commented on the major protests surrounding Padmavat, from both Hindu and Rajput groups. Indeed, the controversy continues as Rajasthan’s government revealed it would still ban the film. In a statement they said:

“Queen Padmini’s sacrifice is deeply linked to the state’s glory and honour, she is not just a figure in history for us but a symbol of our pride. We will not let her dignity be tarnished at any cost.”

Atul Khatri is one such Twitter user who responded to the possibility of further protests. He imagined a comical scenario where protesters attempt to disrupt a screening of Padmavat, only to realise they attended the wrong one because of the clash:

In the meantime, many may wonder what the stars of these two films think of the clash. At a press conference on the 7th January, reporters asked Akshay Kumar and his PadMan co-star Sonam Kapoor to share their thoughts.

Akshay said:

“It is not about competition, it is a very big day, a big week, so all the films can come. Both the films can release on that day. Every film has the right to release whenever they (makers) want, and I am happy for them.”

“Every film has the right to release whenever they (makers) want, and I am happy for them,” he added.

Sonam said:

“If it is, it is good. There is a need for competition when it comes to films and (it is) high time that the film releases. Good cinema is good cinema, I don’t believe in competition.”

We shall have to wait and see which film will reign at the Box Office. Both PadMan and Padmavat are expected to release in cinemas on 25th January 2018.

Sarah is an English and Creative Writing graduate who loves video games, books and looking after her mischievous cat Prince. Her motto follows House Lannister's "Hear Me Roar".

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