Imran Abbas says Sajal Aly is his “Dearest Friend”

In an Instagram Q&A session, Imran Abbas answered questions about the actresses he has worked with, including Sajal Aly and Ayeza Khan.

Imran Abbas says Sajal Aly is his “Dearest Friend” - f

"She is one of the finest actresses we have."

In an Instagram Q&A held with his 6.1 million followers, Imran Abbas answered questions put forward by his fans.

The Khuda Aur Muhabbat actor was asked about showbiz’s leading ladies including Sajal Aly, Ayeza Khan and Sana Javed.

Imran also responded to questions surrounding Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari’s wedding and Ahad Raza Mir’s absence from his sister-in-law’s wedding festivities.

Imran kicked off the Q&A session with the question: “Who is the person who is always with you during difficult times?”

In response, the Akbari Aur Asghari star wrote: “She is not with me any longer, lost her a few weeks back.”

Imran, whose mother passed away on December 15, 2021, spoke of his grief and cited it as the reason why he did not attend Saboor Aly and Ali Ansari’s wedding.

Imran said: “I lost my mother a few weeks back and I am still too unwell.

“I am trying to pull myself out of this state of mind but it gets really difficult at times.

“I was formally invited to all the events but Saboor could understand and relate to this situation.

“She politely said that she won’t force me if I am not feeling comfortable.”

Imran’s fans also asked him about some of the actresses he has worked with in the past.

Imran starred alongside Sajal Aly in the 2018 drama Noor ul Ain and revealed that she is one of his “dearest” friends.

He said: “Needless to say, she is one of the finest actresses we have.

“She literally texted and called me every other day, even multiple times, to check on me and see how I am feeling after my mother’s demise.”

“My dearest friend with a heart of gold.”

Imran tagged the Khel Khel Mein actress into his Instagram Story and added:

“May you always keep smiling.”

Imran also addressed Sajal’s husband Ahad Raza Mir’s absence from Saboor’s wedding.

When asked “Do you know why Ahad Raza Mir did not attend Saboor Aly’s wedding?”, Imran said:

“Do you know why you can’t mind your own business?”

“If you would have paid attention to yourself rather than paying attention to the private lives of others, you would have been on cloud nine.”

Ahad’s absence from Saboor Aly’s wedding attracted the attention of netizens and has further fuelled the separation rumours surrounding the couple.

According to reports, Ahad ditched Saboor and Ali Ansari’s Mayun ceremony to attend a different wedding in Dubai.

The actor was joined by his parents Asif and Samra Raza Mir.

Imran Abbas also spoke about Sana Javed with whom he shared the screen in Darr Khuda Sey.

He said: “There is never a dull moment when I am with her.

“Sana is my source of endless laughter and madness.”

Responding when a user asked about his bond with Ayeza Khan, Imran posted a picture of super glue to express the strong friendship he has with the actress.

Imran Abbas and Ayeza Khan have starred in many drama serials together including Tum Kon Piya, Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hai and Koi Chand Rakh.

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