Is Ahmed Ali Akbar joining Tere Bin 2?

Ahmed Ali Akbar has teased a new television role but does an Instagram post suggest he is joining Tere Bin 2?

Is Ahmed Ali Akbar joining Tere Bin 2 f

"Viewers might see me on screen in a negative role"

Ahmed Ali Akbar has spoken about his desire to work in a negative role in Pakistani dramas.

Known for his romantic roles, Ahmed admitted he would most certainly accept a role in which he was required to play a negative character.

Hinting at a future role, Ahmed stated:

“I am in negotiations with the makers. Viewers might see me on screen in a negative role, not too soon, but after some time.”

Ahmed has previously hinted that he will be joining the cast of Tere Bin 2 after posting a video where he is seen with the lead stars Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali.

Fans have expressed their excitement for this to happen as his chemistry with Yumna has been appreciated in shows such as Yeh Raha Dil and Parizaad.

One fan wrote: “One rumour I would just LOVE to be true!

“At the end of the day you want to see the best actors on screen and getting Ahmed on board with Yumna and Wahaj would be the best upgrade.”

However, some fans believe Ahmed should not be a part of the drama sequel and labelled Tere Bin as “cringe”.

One individual commented: “I hope Ahmed doesn’t do this cringy drama, Ahmed is a master in acting.”

Another wrote: “Ahmed would never do this cringe show.”

Ahmed Ali Akbar spoke about his thought process when it came to accepting scripts.

“I don’t have a particular intention to pick something different.

“If the story is good I mould the character by sharing thoughts with the director. I guess I have been fortunate in scripts.”

Ahmed is currently promoting his upcoming film Gunjal, which is based on the real-life murder of child activist Irfan Masih.

He will play the role of a journalist Shahbaz Bhatti who investigates the case.

The film will star Resham, Amna Ilyas, Ahsen Murad, Ali Aftab Saeed, Munir Khan and Habiba Sufyan. It is reportedly set to release on December 15, 2023.

Whilst speaking to The Express Tribune, Ahmed shared details about his character and said:

“I think the answers are all between the lines when you read the script.

“I read it multiple times to truly understand who he [Shahbaz] is.”

“I try to draw a past with the directors and writers.

“It is important to understand where a person comes from, what background, what social strata, what religion, what belief system and what ambition that person has.

“So you build on that and then you bring it up to the past which is the beginning of the story to see how time changes that person.

“Gunjal revolves around a certain two weeks in Shabaz’s life.

“I have a lot of empathy and respect for journalists, and how they dive into new worlds, connect with new people and confront different challenges.

“They are psychologists, explorers and discoverers. There are so many things encapsulated in one person.”

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