Indian Wife reports Husband is ‘Fake Cop’ after Marriage

An Indian wife has reported her husband to the police after discovering he had been posing as a policeman following their marriage.

Indian Wife reports Husband is 'Fake Cop' after Marriage f

"She also realised that he was constantly talking to someone on the phone."

A 21-year-old Indian wife from Maharashtra has reported her husband to the police after finding out he was pretending to be a policeman.

She found out he had cheated her and several others while acting as a fake Crime Branch official.

Following her complaint, the Shivaji Nagar police arrested Kiran Mahadev Shinde on Monday, May 6, 2019. They seized fake uniforms, a name tag and even a bogus identity card.

Shinde was suspected of cheating girls and extorting money while posing as a police officer.

According to officers, Shinde had studied at a Public Service Commission coaching class in Kalwa when he met a girl.

He said he was a police constable and studying to become an officer. The girl thought he would be a good match for her sister and took the suspect to meet her and her family.

The young woman later got married to Shinde in December 2018 but soon became suspicious of his activities.

An officer explained: “Sometimes he used to go to work at around 8 am, sometimes 10 am and sometimes even at 12 in the afternoon.

“This made his wife suspicious. She also realised that he was constantly talking to someone on the phone.

“When she called the number, a woman picked up the phone. She told her she was soon getting married to Shinde.”

The Indian wife was suspicious about her husband’s police role so she asked him which police station he was attached to. He told her that he was at Dahisar police station.

One day, the woman went to the station to find out if her husband worked there. She found out that there was no one with the surname Shinde at the station.

The police officer said: “She became suspicious about her husband. She met several senior officials in Mumbai police who told her that the identity card was fake and nobody with the same named worked with the police.”

She subsequently lodged a police complaint. Shinde was arrested at his home and the fake police items were recovered.

The officer added: “We have come to know that he was talking to one more girl and telling his wife he would soon be transferred to Gadchiroli.

“We are inquiring whether it is his modus operandi to get married for dowry, as he does not seem to do anything.

“We are also looking at whether he has extorted money as well using the police uniform.”

Shinde was booked for cheating, forgery and impersonating a public servant.

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