Indian Wife agrees to Fake Marriage of Husband for Money

A wife plotted with her husband for him to marry another woman in Punjab for the benefit of money to be given to them as a dowry.

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She told Vinay that her daughter needs to marry

A story from Patna in Punjab, India, has emerged where a wife fully agreed to a marriage of her husband with another woman for dowry money.

Vinay Razak, a cashier at the Kurselpur branch of Central Bank of India, the husband and his wife both plotted the fake marriage.

Vinay shared confidential information about clients at his bank with his wife which resulted in them committing the crime of theft and absconding.

The victim, Ritu Kumar and her mother Shoba Devi, both visited the bank, after the death of the victim’s father.

They came to withdraw a provident fund from the bank and Shoba, the mother, got talking with Vinay, a resident of Bossi of Banca district.

She told Vinay that her daughter needs to marry and that she was willing to give Rs 13 lakh dowry.

During the conversation, the mother told Vinay to talk to her daughter as well.

After hearing about the Rs. 130,000 dowry from the mother, Vinay started to plan how to get access to this money.

When Vinay got home he shared his devious plan with his wife who completely agreed, that Vinay should be the person to marry Ritu, in order to get the money.

Both of them executed the scrupulous plan together there afterwards.

Vinay contacted Shobna and told her that he was orphaned and is looking at getting married.

In order to sound more convincing, he changed his name from Vijay Sarakar to Vijay Yadav.

His wife then met Shobna and revealed that she lived nearby and was his ‘bhabi’ (sister-in-law).

The wife then became instrumental in helping the marriage forge between Vinay and Ritu.

Subsequently, Shoba was convinced and agreed to the marriage of her daughter.

Then the wedding between Vinay and Ritu took place, while he was in reality already married.

The next day, Shoba Devi transferred the dowry money of Rs. 13 lakh into Vinay’s bank account.

By the evening, Vinay and his wife eloped with complete access to the money and were nowhere to be found.

News of the theft got shared on Facebook, however, it was not acted upon until after some considerable time later.

The new wife Ritu has reported the matter to the banking commission and authorities and the matter is being investigated.

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