10 Desi Foods to Totally Boost the Sex Drive for Men

Foods can make all the difference to the male sex drive. We look at Desi foods which can certainly help improve your libido.

desi foods sex drive

Desi men can time to time do with a boost. Especially, to their sex drive, believe it or not!

As a Desi man what you eat can make a huge difference to how your sexual desire reacts when it comes to that sexual intimacy with your partner.

For those of you who are happy in that department, certain foods can still boost what you already enjoy, even more, and those that need that extra help, the Desi foods we are going to discuss can certainly help.

First, let’s explore the fundamentals of an erection.

It’s simply all about blood flow. When male arousal takes place blood flows into the penis which then increases its width, length and firmness.

When male stimulation takes place sexually, the nervous system in the penis releases nitric oxide. This violates the arteries in the penis to allow blood flow into it more easily. Filling the erectile tissue with blood, resulting in an erection.

Therefore, if the blood vessels or arteries are too narrow or blood drains from the vessels too quickly or the body does not produce enough nitric acid, this can lead to problems with having and sustaining an erection.

Another important factor for men is testosterone. After the age of 30, testosterone naturally starts declining in men. Without good levels of testosterone, a man can lose his sex drive, lose erections and even feel depressed and a loss of well-being.

Hence, foods rich in enhancing blood flow, producing nitric acid and aiding testosterone production are a must for men wishing to booth their sex drive.

Certain Desi foods and ingredients used in dishes are actually very well-known to help with libido problems in men.

We look at how the following 10 Desi foods and ingredients can help men totally boost their sex drive.

Chillies (Mirchi)

desi foods sex drive chillies

Green chillies, red chillies and yellow chillies are a well-known ingredient in Desi food. 

Chillies are known as Mirchi or Mirchan in the native languages of Hindi and Punjabi respectively. 

They are available in a fresh form or are dried and powdered as chilli powder. Although, chilli powder may contain additional ingredients too such as cumin, garlic and paprika powder.

So either being used as freshly cut into a curry dish or as a powder, chillies can add a huge boost to a man’s sex life. 

Whilst providing heat, flavour and spice to your food, the chillies will trigger your metabolism.

There is an active chemical compound in chillies known as capsaicin which creates this metabolic effect, therefore, increasing blood flow all over your body.

Chillies are great for the heart and since the heart pumps blood to the sexual organs they aid sexual performance for men. 

When eating chillies, your heart beats faster and your blood vessels begin to open, allowing more blood to flow through your cardiovascular system.

Hence, chillies will improve the blood flow to the penis and prostate, to help with better erections and stimulate the production of endorphins that make you feel more aroused and elated.

In addition, they are viewed as a popular metaphor for sex. Hot and spicy chillies can make us think about hot arousal and sexual performance.

So, always add some chillies to your food to help you heat things up as a lover!

Fenugreek (Methi)

Fenugreek is called Methi in Desi languages and is a well-known ingredient in a number of popular dishes like Methi roti, Methi Paranthas, Methi Aloo. It is also added to curries for a special taste.

In a study by the Center for Integrative Clinical and Molecular Medicine in Australia, it was found that a group of 60 men that consumed 600ml of fenugreek twice daily for two weeks had increased levels of 28% in their libido compared to another group that were given placebo pills.

Fenugreek seeds are full of compounds called saponins and they are known to increase the production of male sex hormones.

Fenugreek can also help with increasing testosterone levels in the body which helps with male sex drive.&

Research studies have also revealed fenugreek has can increase nitric oxide levels, which can help with erections to be firmer.

It is available fresh, dried and also as a supplement should you want to try taking it on a regular basis.

Adding it to your food it adds a great taste and now you know it can certainly help you with your libido.

Garlic (Lasan)

Garlic has been used in Desi cooking for centuries. It is one ingredient which very popular and has tremendous health properties, especially sexually for men.

Known as Lasan in native languages, garlic is high in an ingredient called allicin. It helps with stimulating the circulation and blood flow in your body. It is viewed as a natural ‘blood thinner’.

Eating garlic can help fight heart disease, reduce blood pressure, and actively prevent blood clots.

The heat in garlic is what instigates arousal and the allicin can increase the blood flow. Therefore, adding it to your food on a regular basis will help with the blood flow to erections.

However, many people have found eating it raw provides additional help if you are having difficulties getting an erection. 

Eating the raw garlic on an empty stomach does increase its effects to assist with your libido.

By eating about three to four cloves of garlic per day is the dose to start with. It is not wise to have more than four cloves. Then after a month reduce it to three times a week, once your erections improve. Note it can take time for the garlic to make a difference.

The odour of the garlic can be strong in the breath, so using a mouthwash before seeing your partner is advised!

Interestingly, according to a Stirling University study digesting garlic possibly produces a chemical reaction present in male sweat which for whatever reason, can be very appealing to women.

Milk with Almonds and Saffron (Kesar Badam Doodh)

desi foods sex drive badam milk

This drink is popular in South Asia and has many benefits and helps improve the sex drive in a male.

If you think of sex as a workout which requires strength and stamina, it will need amino acids which are the building blocks of protein and give you power. Both milk and almonds are a very good source of protein.

Almonds (Badam) contain essential fatty acids which enhance your sex hormones. They are very rich in L-Arginine, an amino acid which helps improve your blood circulation and erectile response.

Saffron, is an exotic spice and is an aphrodisiac, which contains Picrocrocin, a chemical that makes the body more sensitive to the touch. It helps with premature ejaculation and is also known to work as an antidepressant and a pain-blocker.

Now think of a chain reaction when you mix milk and almonds which both give you protein to make hormones, testosterone and oestrogen. Increases in these mean better sex.

This now may be the reason why in certain parts of India, a glass of milk and a plate of almonds are left on the first night of newly wedded couple’s bedroom.

Here is a quick recipe for the Kesar Badam Doodh drink


  • 3/4 cup whole or split almonds. Crush a few more for garnishing.
  • 1 1/2 cup whole milk (you can use semi-skimmed for less fat)
  • Few strands of saffron and a few more for extra for garnishing
  • Pinch of cardamom powder
  • 3 tablespoons sugar (adjust this according to your needs)


  1. Soak almonds for 10 minutes in water and peel of out shell.
  2. Blend the almonds with 1/2 cup of milk into a paste.
  3. In a deep pan, add the saffron and with a pestle or wooden spatula break it into little pieces.
  4. Add the 1 cup of milk and the almond paste to the pan.
  5. Heat the mixture, keep stirring to stop it sticking for about 10 minutes on a medium heat until it thickens.
  6. Add the sugar and cardamom powder and mix in. Keep stirring for about a minute.
  7. Switch off the heat and let it cool down.
  8. Add the saffron and crushed almonds after pouring in a glass and enjoy.

Cayenne Pepper (Lal Mirch)

Cayenne pepper is from the same family as chillies but is particularly beneficial for male sexual health. Hence, the need to highlight its specific goodness.

Cayenne pepper like chillies contains the active component capsaicin, which makes it a plant which belongs to Capsicum.

Known as Lal Mirch in native languages, cayenne pepper does not raise blood pressure, dilates blood vessels increasing blood flow, stimulates tissue growth and regeneration in sexual organs and helps with stronger ejaculations and longer lasting erections.

Therefore, including cayenne pepper in your diet is a must to try to get a better sexual response in bed.

Adding it to food and dishes is a natural way to include it in your diet. It is added to hot sauces and available as dry chilli flakes too.

However, for maximum impact take ¼ of a teaspoon of good quality powdered cayenne pepper in some warm water twice a day. Then, once you get used to the heat and taste, aim for ½ teaspoon.

Cayenne pepper heat and spiciness are measured using the unit SHU (Scoville Heat Units). Good varieties are at 30,000 SHU, while higher quality is 90,000. So, see if you can get good quality for a better result.

Ginger (Adarak)

Ginger is a very familiar ingredient in Desi cooking. It is used in many curries, popular dishes and even eaten raw for health remedies.

Known as Adarak it has potent properties and can help with boosting male sexual health.

Active compounds in it called gingerol, shogaol and zingiberene all contribute to its benefits. Especially, the gingerol compound, which is known to affect blood vessels and stimulate arousal.

Ginger contains manganese a trace mineral which triggers the release of testosterone and is vital for sperm production and enhancing your sex drive.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Centres, not having enough manganese in your diet could lead to erectile disorders.

Ginger is used in many therapies to treat erectile dysfunction including Ginger Moxa in Chinese medicine to treat impotence.

Consuming it as a juice drink is a well-known aid to helping with erections.  Mixing ½ teaspoon of ginger juice with half a boiled egg and some honey on a regular basis is known to help with impotence and premature ejaculation.

Ginger tea is also a great way to add it to your diet as a drink.

Therefore, having ginger in your food, eating it raw or as a drink is hugely beneficial to your sex drive. 

Watermelon (Tarabooj)

desi foods sex drive watermelon

This is one fruit that needs a mention when it comes to men’s sex drive. It is a popular fruit in South Asia and consumed hugely in hot weather for its cooling properties.

Called a tarabooj in Hindi or kharbooja in Punjabi, the watermelon contains the compound citrulline, which helps produce nitric oxide.

According to Dr Bhimu Patel who led a study on the fruit, citrulline in the watermelon can help hugely with increasing blood flow all over the body.

Dr Patel says the citrulline is converted to an amino acid called arginine which improves circulation.

“Arginine boosts nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels, the same basic effect that Viagra has, to treat erectile dysfunction and maybe even prevent it.

“Watermelon may not be as organ-specific as Viagra but it’s a great way to relax blood vessels without any drug side-effects.”

Therefore, the helping of arteries opening up by eating watermelon can greatly assist blood flow to the penis to help with male libido.

 The rind of the watermelon which is the part between the green outer peel and the red fleshy part is touted to also contain the highest concentration of citrulline.

Therefore, using this rind in your smoothies or juice, eating it raw or even making pickled rind can be very beneficial to your sex drive.

Tumeric (Haldi)

Tumeric is a very popular ingredient which has over the years gained huge fame in the West. It is even available in capsule form to consume.

It is an active ingredient in Desi curries and dishes and has been used for centuries. Moe people use it in its powdered form.

It comes from the ginger family and it consists of a golden yellow rootstalk from which the yellow powder and oil are extracted.

Curcumin is the key ingredient in the spice which offers many health benefits, including a boost for male sexual health.

It is known to help with prostate cancer, prostatitis, and enhances male fertility.

A derivative of curcumin in water-soluble form has been used in animal studies to help treat erectile dysfunction. Results so far say it can be a contender for Viagra and Cialis.

So consuming turmeric in your diet can be hugely beneficial for the male sex drive.

You can create a ‘golden paste’ which consists of a ½ cup of turmeric (125ml), 1 cup of water (250ml) mixed and heated for about 5 minutes until it is a paste and then add in 1 ½ teaspoon of black pepper and 70ml olive or coconut oil. This can then be kept in the fridge.

This paste can then be used in salads, soup or with rice.

Turmeric Milk is the other way to take turmeric effectively on a daily basis. Heat up a ½ teaspoon of turmeric mixed with a small cup of milk (175 ml) and drink. You can add a little honey for taste but it is better without.

Cinnamon (Dalchini)

Created from the inner bark of a tree which is evergreen, this spice is used in many South Asian curries and dishes. The sweet and aromatic taste also has many benefits for men’s sexual health and has been used for many centuries.

Cinnamon has proved to be a fantastic sword in the battle against diabetes. It has shown to significantly reduce the blood sugar levels in diabetes patients with studies in Pakistan and China.

High blood sugar levels in men can reduce the amount of blood flow to the penis, resulting in weak erections or other sexual issues.

Cinnamon has proven to lower high blood sugar. It will help men with diabetes to improve their libido.

Therefore, for men without diabetes, it will definitely assist with blood flow and help with stronger erections.

Just how cinnamon actually works is not very clear.  One theory says that a polyphenol in the spice called MHCP works like insulin and assists with reducing the high blood sugar.

Cardamom (Elayachi)

desi foods sex drive cardamom

The cardamom is actually a dried fruit which belongs to the ginger family. It is an ingredient used in curries and sweet dishes.

It is well-known for being added to Desi tea giving a pungent and aromatic flavour to the chai.

Research shows that cardamom can have anti-blood-clotting effects and cools the body down when hot and has warming properties when it is cold.

Known to be very beneficial for the brain and nervous system it provides stimulation to the genitals by enhancing your sexual mood.

A popular mouth freshener it can kill bacteria and germs in the mouth. So, its ideal pop one into your mouth before meeting your lover for those sensual kisses.

If prepared with coffee it can create an ideal tonic to enhance your sex drive. 

Crush cardamom seeds, add them to your coffee along with some ginger and cayenne pepper and drink this special concoction regularly to help combat a loss of libido.

Every Desi man may suffer from different levels of issues affecting his sex drive. But consuming these foods on a regular basis can certainly help towards improving the sexual health which may be poor.

This does not mean these Desi foods are some wonder cure for sexual problems. You still need to regularly look after your overall health.

By eating a good healthy diet, exercising, sleeping well, managing stress and reducing any excessive smoking and drinking habits, you can definitely contribute to a stronger sex drive.

Madhu is a foodie at heart. Being a vegetarian she loves to discover new and old dishes that are healthy and above all tasty! Her motto is George Bernard Shaw's quote 'There is no love sincerer than the love of food.'

Note - Information is provided as a general guide. If you are suffering from any medical condition, you are required to consult your doctor before consuming any of the foods listed.

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