How Does your Sex Drive change with Age?

Sex drive takes a new turn when getting older, and in each stage of your life you may experience changes in your sex life and sexual desires.

How does your Sex Drive change with Age_-f

This makes it relatively easy for women to arouse their partners

Measuring your sex drive is not easy, and scientists still cannot agree on how to measure it in men or women.

What we know is that people’s sex drive is made up of hormones working together with psychological, social, and physical factors.

It is also true that your sexual desire changes with age.

MD, ob-gyn and chief medical officer Jennifer Landa, told Health that “stress is the biggest sex killer”.

Here is a quick guide to better understand how your sex life may change throughout the years.

In your 20s

How does your Sex Drive change with Age_-sex drive

Men experience a higher sex drive in their 20s, thanks to higher levels of testosterone.

This makes it relatively easy for women to arouse their partners.

On the other hand, men tend to be overly anxious regarding their sexual performances, often leading to erectile dysfunction.

As a result, more than eight per cent of men in their 20s suffer from this dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction can happen because of a medical or mental health issue, but it can also be a sign of heart disease, in which case you should talk to your doctor about your symptoms.

Women are usually more fertile in their 20s, but can also be quite picky when choosing their partners.

In your 30s

During their 30s, men continue to have a strong sex drive, and it usually starts to decrease when hitting their 40s.

Testosterone starts to decrease in your mid-30s, going down by about one per cent each year, but it could be faster for some men.

This is also the phase in which increasing responsibilities, like marriage and career, can also affect your libido.

When it comes to women, they have the strongest sex drive in their 30s.

Research showed that women aged between 27 and 45 have frequent and more intense sexual fantasies than younger or older women.

During pregnancy

How Does your Sex Drive change with Age - pregnant

A pregnancy physically transforms a woman’s body and affects her hormones, but this does not mean that men are not affected.

Men and women go through a phase where both experience high sex drive.

However, after giving birth, factors such as exhaustion, work and breastfeeding can affect a couple’s sex life.

Women also tend to be anxious about whether it is safe or not to have sex during pregnancy.

In your 40s and beyond

When in your 40s, health can play a massive role in your sex life, forcing you to change your habits.

Men usually face bigger chances of erectile dysfunction as many health-related problems like heart diseases, diabetes, and cholesterol can occur.

To cure these diseases, they must consume medicinals that can affect their libido in the long term.

Most women in their 40s or beyond, edge towards menopause, experiencing a decrease in their sexual drive and desire.

Usually, menopause causes hot flashes, weight gain, sleep problems and more, influencing women’s sexual mood.

What should you do?

In case you face issues about your sex drive or feel no longer interested in your sex life, the best step to take is to speak with a doctor.

Doctors can suggest hormones to increase your libido and boost your sexual desire and arousal.

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