Indian Teacher has Sex Change to Marry Student

In Rajasthan, a female teacher underwent sex-change surgery to become a man in order to marry a female student.

Indian Teacher has Sex Change to Marry Student f

"I needed to change my gender."

A teacher in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur district underwent a sex change so she can get married to one of her female students.

Physical education teacher Meera Kuntal had been in a relationship with student Kalpana for five years.

Their relationship began in 2016 when Kalpana was in the 10th standard. She was taking part in a Kabaddi tournament and Meera accompanied her.

They became friends and it developed into a relationship.

In 2018, Meera proposed to Kalpana and the 21-year-old accepted.

However, they believed that if they have same-sex marriage, their families and the community would protest.

In 2019, Meera, who had gender dysphoria, said she wanted to become a man so she could marry Kalpana.

Meera, who now identifies as Aarav after the surgery, said:

“I never really accepted my body from the very beginning, I used to feel like a boy.

“In 2010, when I was in 12th, I read the news of gender change. Since then, my mind was set that I needed to change my gender.”

Speaking about their engagement, Aarav continued:

“After this, we told our family members and decided to get married.

“Once they agreed, I did a Google search and saw many videos on YouTube, which had information related to gender change surgeries.”

The teacher had three surgeries in Delhi, with the first happening in December 2019.

After the surgery, Meera officially became Aarav and on November 4, 2022, the teacher married the student.

Kalpana is thrilled with her marriage and said:

“Aarav gave me a lot of encouragement. Whatever I am today is because of Aarav.

“When he was my teacher, he used to take me to many tournaments.  I loved Aarav from the beginning.

“While going for the operation, Aarav asked me to accompany him, so I went with him.

“We love each other so much that even if he had not changed gender, I would have married him.”

Before the surgery, Aarav told his family that he wanted to get married and they welcomed it.

“I had already said that I am getting my gender changed, so no one objected.”

The family said that growing up, Aarav never wore girls’ clothes and used to play with boys.

The teacher’s father Veeri Singh said:

“From the beginning, she behaved like a boy.

“The other four sisters used to tie rakhis to her and everyone used to treat Meera like a boy. I am very happy with Meera’s marriage.”

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