Amir Khan’s Dad quits running his Business amid Family Feud

Boxer Amir Khan’s dad Shah Khan has quit running his son’s boxing business as a result of the bitter family feud which is ongoing.

Amir Khan's Dad quits running his Business amid Family Feud f

"We've not even spoken to the guy so what the hell is his problem."

Shah Khan, Amir Khan’s dad, has given up running his son’s boxing business amid a family feud.

The 58-year-old has quit as director of Khan Boxing Limited following an ongoing feud with his daughter-in-law Faryal Makhdoom and her mother.

Khan had set up a new firm and put his father in full control of it.

Shah, who has guided the Bolton fighter’s career since he was a child, revealed that his son has not spoken to him for six months.

Amir’s parents blame Faryal and her mother for the feud. They said that they are “controlling” him.

Shah said: “Amir’s wife and mother-in-law have teamed up, 100 per cent. They’re in his head, both of them.

“They want to control everything about Amir. They’re running the show. They want to run everything in his life. We said fine, carry on with it. We’ve taken a step back.

“But I don’t know why he stopped talking to us, I have no idea. They keep pumping his head with ‘oh they’ve (Khan family) ripped you off. They say that I’ve robbed him. They’ve turned him against us.”

Amir Khan's Dad quits running his Business amid Family Feud

The revelation came after it was reported that Khan and Faryal planned to move out of Bolton.

Khan had put his £1.2 million mansion up for sale and moved into a renovated bungalow next door to his parents.

The couple were house-hunting in Ascot, Berkshire. According to his friends, Khan needed to move away from his parents in a bid to save his marriage.

One of Khan’s friends said: “His family have been there for his whole career but he’s 32-years-old now and thinks its time to leave the nest.”

Amir Khan’s dad was forced to speak out about the reports.

He said it annoyed him that his son has not said what his wife’s family have been saying to him.

“We’ve not even spoken to the guy so what the hell is his problem. The family’s not saying anything to him.

“The bottom line is that Amir’s mother-in-law and wife want him as far away from his family as possible.

“They don’t want any of us around him. It’s up to him, if that’s what they want, fine, be happy.”

Prior to the feud, Shah had managed his son’s amateur and professional boxing career. But he was dropped as part of an overhaul.

Khan had said that he wanted to keep his family and boxing separate.

Shah said that his son’s best years are behind him and that it was down to Faryal, who took over managing parts of his boxing career.

He added: “Money breaks up families and sadly, this is happening to us.”

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