Amir Khan ‘discredited’ in Twitter Feud over Riffat Khan

Amir Khan is feuding with Federal Minister Ali Zaidi on Twitter which led to the boxer being discredited. The feud is over squash player Riffat Khan.

Amir Khan 'discredited' in Twitter Feud over Riffat Khan f

"Therefore, please take credit where it’s due."

Boxer Amir Khan and Federal Minister Ali Haider Zaidi have been going back and forth on Twitter in relation to squash player Riffat Khan’s surgery.

Amir had claimed he had paid for the surgery only to be discredited by Zaidi who subsequently shared evidence of the payment.

It had been reported that the British boxer had offered to pay for the surgery but the government already stepped in. Zaidi thanked Amir on Twitter for his offer but also wrote:

“Therefore please take credit where it’s due.”

This prompted Amir to share a photo of a bank transfer from his account.

After many of his fans praised the former world champion for his generosity, Zaidi shared a letter, which stated that the government paid for Riffat’s surgery.

Tagging Amir, Zaidi shared the official receipt from the Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC), along with the caption: “Really?”

Pakistani squash player Riffat underwent knee surgery at Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad.

The Squash Federation, Pakistan Sports Board and other authorities refused to help her. This prompted Riffat to request help from Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Her request for help caught the attention of Amir Khan who offered to help her.

Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen Mazari also took notice and promised to help. She said that Ali Zaidi will bear all the expenses of Riffat’s operation.

On November 11, 2019, Riffat was admitted to hospital and underwent the procedure on November 13 before she was discharged the next day.

He later said that his foundation paid for the squash player’s surgery.

The announcement prompted Zaidi to respond, stating that his ministry was responsible for the payment.

He wrote: “To set the record straight, PNSC paid for her operation! I heard Amir Khan offered to pay and many thanks for that, but the Ministry of Maritime Affairs had already stepped in.

“Therefore, please take credit where it’s due.”

Amir then replied, stating:

“For the record, I paid for the op, 334,569 rps. Government didn’t!!!”

He also shared details of a bank transfer, which says that he paid over Rs. 300,000 for Riffat to undergo surgery.

The feud continued with Zaidi’s discredit of Amir’s efforts, sharing an official receipt of payment. Although the talk between the two started to become heated, it looks like Khan and Zaidi have moved on.

Social media users have said that both of them deserve credit for helping Riffat.

The squash player later explained that both men had supported her and was grateful to both.

Following her surgery, Riffat spoke about the government’s treatment towards her before her matter circulated. She told Geo:

“I was broken, disheartened and shattered by the insulting behavior and I was very upset with acting PSB Director General Amna Imran, who should have realised my pain and agony, rather than keeping me waiting outside her office for an hour.”

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