Amir Khan’s Dad confirms End of Feud with Faryal

Amir Khan’s father Shah confirms that the feud between Faryal Makhdoom and the boxer’s family has ended, as they now watch I’m A Celebrity together.

Shah Khan and Amir with Faryal

You know, you have ups and downs in every family. But you just gotta work through it and move on."

We have heard from Amir Khan and his wife Faryal on the reconciliation of their marriage and rift with his family. Now, his father Shah has confirmed that the feud has now ended, reportedly through the boxer’s appearance on I’m A Celebrity.

Shah made his comments on Lorraine, via a video interview from Australia. TV host Lorraine Kelly asked him:

“We know there have obviously been problems in [Amir’s] marriage, is that all sorted now? Are you kind of like one big, happy family, supporting him?” He answered:

“Yeah, of course. You know, you have ups and downs in every family. But you just gotta work through it and move on.” He explained how Faryal and granddaughter Lamaisah watch Amir’s time in the Jungle with them.

“Faryal comes over to the house and we sit down as a family and watch the show together. Of course, it’s been nice for the family to bond again.”

Shah also revealed how his three-year-old granddaughter is missing Amir, adding:

“Lamaisah is cheering him on and missing him a lot and I think that Amir is missing her a lot too. We keep saying to her, ‘Lamaisah, where’s daddy?’ And she says, ‘JUNGLE’ it’s really funny. I don’t think she knows what it is, but she says it.

“A lot of people don’t realise Amir is a down to earth family man. The family are so proud of him too. We’re all on the edge of our seats watching it because we know he’s so frightened of snakes.”

Indeed, the British Asian boxer has made a big impact on the show, entertaining fans as he confronts his fears. Week One saw him battle camels, spiders and snakes, but he’s experienced a couple of amusing mishaps too.

He recently hit headlines for a conversation about his daughter, seemingly forgetting when her birthday is. Speaking with Coronation Street star Jennie McAlpine, she asked him: “How old is your little girl?”

Amir stumbled with his answer, replying:

“She’s 3, turning 4 in a couple of months, oh no, er, the summer, June. June. June 23, I think. I don’t remember my own birthday, man, I forget.”

However, Lamaisah was actually born on 23rd May 2014. Considering Amir only has one child (with another on the way), it arguably is surprising he didn’t remember this detail.

He also came under fire for admitting that he hasn’t cooked himself a meal. As the group were preparing a meal, containing squab, Amir recommended to “boil it then fry it” and to “boil the mushrooms”.

His campmates felt confused by his suggestions, prompting him to confess: “I never really cook at home, I’ve got my sisters, got my wife, got my mum.”

This remark caused a huge reaction from outlets and social media. While some Twitter users found it comical, others felt his comments were “sexist”:

This conversation also marked the first time Amir has directly mentioned Faryal in the Jungle. He has previously kept coy on the subject of her and their marriage.

However, with Shah’s comments, one would say it’s heartwarming to hear that his family have ended their feud with Faryal. After such a tumultuous 2017, things seem to have settled for the Khan family for the next year ahead.

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