Faryal Makhdoom ‘controls’ Amir say his Parents in new Feud

Boxer Amir Khan’s parents have said his wife Faryal Makhdoom ‘controls’ their son in a new feud. Khan’s father has spoken about his daughter-in-law.

Faryal Makhdoom 'controls' Amir say his Parents in new Feud f

"Deep down, I don't think she (Faryal) ever liked me."

The bitter feud between Faryal Makhdoom and Amir Khan’s parents has resurfaced as they have said she “controls” their son.

Khan’s father Shah Khan revealed that the boxer has not spoken to them for six months.

The 58-year-old blamed it on Faryal and her mother, accusing them of trying to control his life and driving a wedge between him and his family.

Shah said: “Amir’s wife and mother-in-law have teamed up, 100 per cent. They’re in his head, both of them.

“They want to control everything about Amir. They’re running the show. They want to run everything in his life. We said fine, carry on with it. We’ve taken a step back.

“But I don’t know why he stopped talking to us, I have no idea. They keep pumping his head with ‘oh they’ve (Khan family) ripped you off. They say that I’ve robbed him. They’ve turned him against us.”

Faryal Makhdoom 'controls' Amir say his Parents in new Feud

There was a public fall out in 2017 where Faryal Makhdoom accused them of bullying while they branded her a “bad mother”.

Khan had wrongly accused her of cheating with Anthony Joshua which led to a brief split.

The Bolton-born boxer got married to Faryal in 2013 in a ceremony that cost over £1 million.

Shah explained that after she apologised, he thought the feud had been put behind them.

“For a while, we were a happy family. When Amir was on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, I’d call her up to come over and watch him on television with us. We thought what’s happened has happened, you move on and hopefully, you never make the same mistake again.

“But obviously, people had different agendas otherwise we would not be in this position today.”

Despite burying the hatchet, Shah said: “Deep down, I don’t think she (Faryal) ever liked me.”

Shah was forced to speak out amid reports suggesting Amir was moving out of Bolton in an attempt to save his marriage.

He said it annoyed him that his son has not said what his wife’s family is saying to him.

“We’ve not even spoken to the guy so what the hell is his problem. The family’s not saying anything to him.”

“The bottom line is that Amir’s mother-in-law and wife want him as far away from his family as possible.

“They don’t want any of us around him. It’s up to him, if that’s what they want, fine, be happy.”

Faryal Makhdoom 'controls' Amir say his Parents in new Feud 2

Describing his son as “being under the thumb”, Shah angrily said:

“I don’t know what the heck his wife and her mother have done to him. But that’s not the Amir I know. I don’t know where his mind his.”

Shah maintained that he is still fuming from an incident in November 2018 after his wife had an anxiety attack following a heated phone call with Faryal’s mother, Kausar Zia.

He stated that his son has not phoned or visited to find out how she is.

Kausar mostly lives with Amir and Faryal Makhdoom at the four-bedroom bungalow. Shah accused her of interfering in his family’s affairs.

“Faryal’s mother spends more time in the UK than USA. Her husband is there, her life is there, so I ask, what are you doing here?

“She’s got a son as well. You’ve got a son, you’ve got a husband. Shouldn’t you be spending time with your family?

“At the end of the day, she should stay out of it, it’s got nothing to do with her, it’s none of her business.

“Okay, it’s her daughter but she’s married now, let her live her life, give her privacy. It’s a mother’s job to raise the kids, not a mother-in-law.”

Faryal Makhdoom 'controls' Amir say his Parents in new Feud 4

Amir’s boxing career has netted him an estimated £23 million. His father alleges that he has been accused of trying to control his wealth.

“This is all about money and greed. I hear from people that Faryal said this, or her mother said that, stuff about me being nothing and that Amir made me or that I’ve been cheating him.

“Money breaks up families and sadly, this is happening to us.”

Shah had managed his son throughout his amateur and professional career. However, he was dropped as part of an overhaul.

Amir made the decision as he wanted to keep his boxing and family separate.

Shah has said that his son’s best years are behind him. He blamed Faryal Makhdoom, who has since taken over managing parts of his boxing career.

Faryal Makhdoom 'controls' Amir say his Parents in new Feud 3

Speaking about his last fight against Terence Crawford, he said:

“Not one member of our family was at the last fight. None of them were invited, I didn’t even get a call.”

“This was the worst fight that he’s boxed in his whole career, including amateurs.

“They are doing his head in, he’s not all there because of what’s going on in his head.

“I saw stuff on social media from Amir saying my wife looked after my diet, she looked after my training camp, she looked after my sparring, she cooked for me. She can’t boil an egg, never mind cook for you.”

Shah revealed the only interaction he had with his son was after his loss to Crawford. He messaged him, asking how he was.

Khan replied: “Yh not bad. No injuries. Arm was a little sore but everything else ok.”

The Daily Mail reported that Shah spoke about the close bond he once had with his son and wanted him to remember his early boxing career, which his father helped to launch.

“How d’you think Amir got to where he is today? I had a garage, I also drove taxis part-time at weekends then I’d finish work at 3 am and at 9 am I’d pick him up and take him to a championship somewhere, across the country.

“I’m disappointed that Amir can’t see it himself. He can’t see what’s been done for him. I don’t need to tell him. He should know who he is and who’s got him to where he is today.”

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