Amir Khan axes Entourage Members after Millionaire Struggles

Amir Khan has fired several members of his entourage. He has now opened up on his struggles when he became a millionaire and achieved fame.

Boxer Amir Khan responds to his Haters in the UK f

"Being humble is hopefully what some people love me for."

Amir Khan is one of boxing’s most well-known faces but has revealed that he struggled with the fame he achieved.

The 32-year-old highlighted that he encountered problems when he became a teenage millionaire.

Since then he has settled down with wife Faryal Makhdoom and his two daughters.

Khan prepares to fight American Terence Crawford on Saturday, April 20, 2019, for the WBO world welterweight title. It is an opportunity that could take him back to the top.

He spoke about how he had to rebuild his career after things went out of control.

Khan explained that his Olympic silver medal in 2004 transformed him into a celebrity and he hired dozens of people.

However, his financial mismanagement forced him to cut ties with several close friends and family members.

He now keeps his eye on his fortune and has axed members of his entourage.

Khan told The Sun: “Sometimes, when you have a big team, you start relying on people but when you go in the ring you are on your own.

“A big entourage can take pressure off and make you feel like you have everything but I do things myself now and dictate my own career. It helps you understand things.

“I used to leave everything to my family and advisors – how much money I made, my taxes, everything.

“But now I get involved in everything. Carrying my bags is a symbol. Being humble is hopefully what some people love me for.

“I have seen a change in my attitude. Maybe five or six years ago I was a cocky young kid who had everything very young.

“Now I look back and wonder why I did certain things, but you can only learn over time.”

Khan achieved Instagram fame, however, it came at a price. An argument in 2017 between his family-based team left Khan vulnerable.

amira khan wins

The boxer has fired his backroom staff and decided to go alone after amassing a £40 million fortune.

He added: “I had a lot when I was young, money, a big boxing deal and everything I wanted like cars, but at such a young age it can get to you.

“I was a millionaire before I turned pro at 19. I can’t say it was a bad thing as it was nice at the time.

“It took pressure off because if something had gone wrong then there is a million quid in the bank.”

Khan’s so-called support team persuaded him to take the fight against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez in 2016, where the Brit suffered a knockout loss.

Trainer Virgil Hunter said: “It broke my heart to see him lying there and it didn’t have to happen.

“He tells me now he didn’t want the fight but he didn’t want people to think he was scared.”

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