Five Indian Gang Members Captured by Police After Planned Trap

Police captured five Indian gang members for various counts of murder, attempted murder, and more. They belonged to Kapil and Jyoti Sangwan’s gang.

Five Indian Gang Members Captured by Police After Planned Trap

"They fired five bullets at our men in an attempt to escape."

Five Indian gang members became captured by police after they staged a trap to arrest them. While police wanted three of them for murder, all five had various counts of attempted murder, kidnapping, extortion and other charges.

Officers said the men belonged to a gang led by jailed brothers Kapil and Jyoti Sangwan.

The planned incident took place on 11th March 2017 in Najafgarh, Deli. Media outlets have reportedly identified the men as Krishan, Pankaj Dagar, Anil Sharma, Deepak Maan and Deepak Sharma.

Police arrested the five Indian gang members while they travelled to a village called Mitraon. They supposedly made the trip to attack gangster Manjeet Mahal’s family.

However, police had carried out a trap to successfully capture the men. They supposedly received information that helped them with the trap:

“Their car was blocked by our vehicles when it reached a particular spot. The occupants were asked to surrender, but they fired five bullets at our men in an attempt to escape. Nobody was wounded and the attackers were overpowered.”

After the arrest, police recovered seven semi-automatic weapons and 75 live cartridges. The weapons also included a mini carbine gun.

A police officer said three of these Indian gang members had connections with the murder of Shri Krishan. The 74-year-old, father of Mahal, died after hitmen fired bullets into him on 29th January 2017. He had gunshot wounds to his head and chest.

One gang member in particular also had a bounty placed on him.

Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, Deputy Commissioner said: “Krishan, a sharp-shooter of the gang was carrying a reward of Rs 50,000 on his head.”

The capture and murder of Shri Krishan all relate to a long-running gang feud between Manjeet Mahal and the Sangwan brothers. The feud, lasting for five years, reportedly led to over a dozen deaths.

However, police have prevented the latest potential attack by capturing the Indian gang members. They believe the men would target Mahal’s family to avenge the murders of the Sangwan’s close associates. The associates, identified as Vikrant and Dinesh, died “within 12 days of each other”. Their murders took place after Mahal’s father death.

It remains uncertain though if the capture will help put a stop to the gang feud.

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