Indian Woman kills Neighbour to Cut Out Baby as Her Own

Ravinder Kaur from Punjab has been arrested for murdering her pregnant neighbour and cutting out her baby foetus to keep as her own.

Indian Woman kills Neighbour to Cut Out Baby as Her Own f

Ravinder could not have children due to having a tubectomy

From the village of Kala Nangal in Gurdaspur’s Batala area of Punjab in India, Ravinder Kaur, a 40-year-old divorcee, who failed to conceive herself in her new marriage, strangled her neighbour and cut out the baby foetus from her womb.

It’s alleged that Ravinder did all this after being to do so by a local ‘witch doctor’ called ‘Deeso’ from a village in Gurdaspur. Who told her that the child would be hers to keep if she carried out this task.

The neighbour, named Jasbir Kaur, aged 32, was seven months pregnant and after Ravinder killed her and took out the baby foetus, the child died within minutes.

Ravinder could not have children due to having a tubectomy. So, she believed the claims made by ‘Deeso’ with desperation and committed the murder of her neighbour for the baby.

After the baby died, Ravinder with the help of her husband and family buried the foetus on the premises of their home. However, they kept the body of the victim, Jasbir Kaur, in a box and they were going to dispose of her later.

The dramatic crime came to light only after Balwinder Singh, the husband of Jasbir Kaur filed a complaint at the local police station that she was missing.

The victim had been missing since April 27, 2019, and was killed by Ravinder Kaur on the very same day. She was found on Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

Police registered the case against Ravinder Kaur and her family based on the complaint of Jasbir’s husband under sections 302, 313, 316, 201 and 120(B) of the Indian Penal Code.

Her husband Gurpreet Singh, his parents Puran Singh and Joginder Kaur and his sisters Aman Kaur and Nittu Kaur were all arrested and charged.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Balbir Singh said that they also arrested the witch doctor ‘Deeso’ and she was booked under the same sections of the IPC.

After an initial investigation into the case by police, they found that Ravinder Kaur married Gurpreet Singh four years earlier, after getting divorced from her first husband with whom she had four children.

Her children live with her first husband. Before getting divorced and remarrying, Ravinder had a tubectomy procedure, stopping her from having children any more.

After Ravinder met ‘Deeso’, she suggested to her to kill a pregnant woman and then claim the baby as her own.

Based on this suggestion, Ravinder invited her pregnant neighbour Jasbir Kaur into her home and allegedly strangled her to death to retrieve the foetus from her womb.

Balbir Singh said that they have arrested and taken into custody five of the seven people accused.

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