Prabhas Fans beat up Man for Negative ‘Adipurush’ Review

Prabhas’ ‘Adipurush’ has released in theatres but one video shows the actor’s fans beating up a man for his negative review of the film.

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This angered some people, who grabbed the reviewer

A video circulating online shows a group of Prabhas fans beating up a man because he gave a negative review of Adipurush.

The film was released on June 16, 2023, to mixed reviews.

While some have said it is Prabhas’ best film, others criticised the visuals and cringeworthy dialogues.

However, the actor’s fans are not willing to hear anything bad about the film as one man painfully found out.

In a video shared on Reddit and on Twitter, one man gave his opinion of Adipurush while others stood around.

Criticising the film’s visual effects, he said:

“They kept all the monsters from the PlayStation games in this one. Except for Hanuman, background score and some 3D shots here and there, there is nothing else.”

Speaking about Prabhas’ performance, the man continued:

“Absolutely doesn’t suit in the getup.

“In Baahubali, he was like a king and there was a royalty. Seeing the royalty in that, they took him for this role. Om Raut did not show Prabhas properly.”

This angered some people, who grabbed the reviewer and began hitting him. Others nearby struck the man over the back for his negative review.

As the man shielded himself from blows, a few men intervened and pulled the victim behind them, protecting him from the assault.

The video also showed what led to the attack.

He was seen getting into an argument with an older man, who is presumably unhappy with his negative review.

The pair are seen arguing, with the older man threatening to slap him.

Netizens reacted to the video, with many pointing out that diehard fans in India can never take criticism.

One user wrote: “Just now seen the video of the reviewer. He praised Prabhas for Baahubali but criticised him for Adipurush.

“Never ever speak the truth in front of mad fans. It applies to cricket, politics, movies etc. Mad fans can’t take criticism.”

Another, who seemingly did not like the film either, commented:

“You shouldn’t have spoken the truth.”

Some stated that such behaviour is typically among South Indian film fans.

One said: “South fans are a cult.

“They spread all the negativity about Bollywood movies here but you can’t say anything negative about South movies.”

“I once questioned the collection of Ponniyin Selvan: II and you should have read the comments.”

Another agreed: “The fans in southern states are fanatics on another level. This is nothing. Try criticising Rajnikanth in front of his fans.

“They may actually try to murder you.”

Others were shocked by the attack and called for the perpetrators to be arrested.

A user said: “What’s new? Indians don’t know the difference between reality and fiction.

“Imagine doing all this for the person who doesn’t even know you exist. Arrest these idiots.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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