Mukesh Khanna questions Saif Ali Khan’s Adipurush Role

Veteran actor Mukesh Khanna gave his thoughts on ‘Adipurush’ and wondered why Saif Ali Khan was cast as Lankesh.

Adipurush Role f

"Couldn't Om Raut find a better actor than Saif Ali Khan?"

Since its release, Adipurush has received mixed reviews. Among those criticising the film is Mukesh Khanna, who wondered why Saif Ali Khan played Lankesh.

In a lengthy video, Mukesh criticised the casting choices and wrongful portrayal of characters.

He also aimed digs at Saif Ali Khan for turning the villainous Lankesh – based on Raavan – into a comical one.

Mukesh said: “Raavan may be scary, but how can look like Chandrakanta’s Shivdutt – vishpurush? He was a pandit.

“You will be shocked how can someone imagine and design Raavan in this manner.

“I remember when the film was announced, Saif had said he’ll make the character humourous. I had said then as well – ‘Who the hell are you to change characters of our epic, do it in your own religion, you will be beheaded’.

“The fact is, not much changed in Raavan’s look and the makers even tried to make him do comedy.”

Firing jibes at Saif’s look in the film, Mukesh added:

“Couldn’t Om Raut find a better actor than Saif Ali Khan? This one looks less like Raavan and more like a cheap smuggler.”

Mukesh also pointed out that Lanka in the original Ramayana was golden. But in Adipurush, it was blacked out.

He added that the battles in the film did not look like battles from the era, saying they looked more like neighbourhood fights, full of abusive language.

The veteran actor hit out at Adipurush, calling it an insult to the Ramayana.

He said: “I usually do not talk about films, but this is related to my faith. I have read the reactions of people. One person, today’s youth, said ‘It was a fun, comedy film’.

“I was like ‘How can Ramayana be comedy?’

“So I decided to take a look, and when I researched, I realised there can be no worse drama than the film and no bigger insult to Ramayan than Adipurush.”

Amid the criticism, Kriti Sanon stated that she is focusing on the film’s positives.

Kriti – who played Janaki in the film – shared a series of pictures and videos, showing fans cheering in cinemas.

However, fans were not pleased with Kriti’s response.

One told the actress: “Kriti, please accept that the movie was a terrible mistake and move on. One of the worst adaptations of Ramayana I’ve seen…”

Another pointed out: “I don’t know how people are saying it’s a good movie… the worst version of Ramayana I’ve ever seen and not only me I hope everyone would agree.

“The story of Ramayana has completely changed and the high-budget animation and you are focusing on the cheers… you guys have to focus on movie and story making.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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