Indian Bride gave Suicide threats refusing to Marry Groom

An Indian bride from Uttar Pradesh refused to marry the groom. She even threatened to commit suicide in a bid to stop the marriage from going ahead.

Indian Bride gave Suicide threats refusing to Marry Groom f

she told them that she will not get married.

An Indian bride refused to get married after seeing the groom’s shocking behaviour on Thursday, February 27, 2020.

The incident happened in the district of Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh.

However, when both families tried to convince her to change her mind, she threatened to take her own life.

Even though the police was called to settle the matter, the bride insisted that she was not going to get married.

It was reported that Jaiprakash’s daughter Rita Yadav was set to get married on February 27.

After the groom and his family turned up at the wedding venue, the bride and groom went onto the stage so that the procession could start.

However, before the wedding could start, Rita stood up and walked off the stage. Both families and the guests were concerned.

Some of the guests decided to ask her what was wrong, she told them that she will not get married.

Rita claimed that the groom was drunk. She explained that he was swaying his head and had struggled to walk towards the stage.

When the groom’s family heard about the marriage refusal, they pressured Rita to go ahead with the wedding.

At the same time, the bride’s family told her to get married, stating that it will ruin their reputation if she didn’t.

But Rita told them that she will take her own life if she is forced to get married.

After hearing the suicide threats, Rita’s parents sided with her.

This led to a village council (panchayat) meeting taking place among the relatives. When an agreement could not be reached, the groom’s father, Kusumpal, informed the police.

He told officers that the Indian bride alleged that his son Bobby was drunk which is why she refused to get married.

Kusumpal went on to say that she was lying, saying that his son did not drink any alcohol.

Meanwhile, Rita’s family accused Bobby’s parents of demanding more dowry.

Despite officers trying to reach a conclusion, a compromise could not be met and the wedding did not take place.

In a similar case, a bride from Uttarakhand refused to get married after the groom turned up drunk.

The unnamed man arrived with the baraat procession drunk. As he tried to walk into the venue, he fell down. The groom’s friends had to hold him up as he made his way to the stage.

The man even crawled up the stairs to the stage until he was next to the bride for the ceremony to take place.

Seeing her future husband’s condition, the young woman became extremely angry and stopped the wedding.

She clearly stated that she will not marry a drunk. After hearing her refusal to get married, a fight broke out between the two sets of families.

Police were called and came to the conclusion that the groom will pay Rs. 1.5 Lakh (£1,600) to the bride’s family as compensation.

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