What Lessons did Baby Baji Teach its Audience?

Following the conclusion of ‘Baby Baji’, audiences discussed the Pakistani drama and what lessons it taught them.

What Lessons did Baby Baji Teach its Audience f

"They are incomplete without one another.”

As Baby Baji comes to an end, viewers shared online the lessons they learnt from the popular daily soap.

The question was asked on the ARY Digital Instagram page, regarding the subtle messages the drama had taught its viewers.

Many individuals revealed what they had learnt from the hit serial.

One of the best lessons Baby Baji had to offer was that whilst parents are alive, they should not sell their properties.

Some viewers were also of the opinion that the joint family system should come to an end and that married couples should be free to live their separate lives in their own homes.

One comment read: “Parents can raise ten children, but one out of ten children are unable to look after their parents.”

Another said: “The most important relationship in old age is that of husband and wife. They are incomplete without one another.”

One fan wrote: “When a child hurts either of their parents, they will never stay happy.”

Another lesson the drama taught was that it was not always a good idea to listen to your friends, especially when they were unable to give you good advice.

One individual commented that their favourite scene in Baby Baji was when everyone was shown eating their dinner together.

During its time on television, Baby Baji was heavily focused on the role of the eldest daughter-in-law, Azra (Javeria Saud), who was shown to be a troublemaker.

This storyline depicted that no matter how respected a family was, it only took one daughter-in-law to come and ruin the family dynamics, tearing each other apart from one another.

This was also seen via Farhat (Tuba Anwar).

Tuba Anwar was heavily criticised for her portrayal of Farhat. Viewers believed that she was as much to blame as Azra for the breakdown of the family and that she was equally as rude.

Defending her character, Tuba stated that it was important to have boundaries in a marriage, regardless of whether the couple lived in a joint family, or separately.

Baby Baji revolves around the story of a close-knit family who live in a joint family system.

Trouble arises when two daughter-in-laws clash against one another and relationships begin to weaken.

The story develops after the death of the father, and the mother is unable to keep her family together.

This results in her children separating and she finds herself in a care home.

Baby Baji, written by Mansoor Ahmed and directed by Tehseen Khan, has proved very popular with an audience of all ages.

It boasts a popular cast of Samina Ahmed, Munawar Saeed, Javeria Saud, Saud Qasmi, Sunita Marshall and Hassan Ahmed.

It also starred Junaid Niazi, Fazal Hussain, Tuba Anwar and Aina Asif.

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