Javeria Saud reveals Why her Children call her ‘Obnoxious’

While opening up about her new drama ‘Baby Baji’, Javeria Saud revealed why her children have called her “obnoxious”.

Javeria Saud reveals Why her Children call her 'Obnoxious' f

"they are also complaining to me."

Javeria Saud revealed that her children have labelled her “obnoxious” and it all has to do with her character in Baby Baji.

The show is resonating well with viewers and Javeria’s character Azra is gaining attention for her portrayal as the family troublemaker.

Speaking about the impact her character has had, Javeria said:

“I thought that if I do this, after a very long time, because the character you do impacts you, you become fresh.

“A person has all kinds of feelings inside. A soft-spoken person wants to scream.

“Things that we don’t do in real life, but when we get to do those things, that feeling, because it existed internally.

“Externalising it is great fun. We don’t do such things often, but doing that through a character refreshes you and helps you enhance your acting.”

When asked what her children thought of her role, Javeria revealed that her children are both enjoying and complaining about their mother’s character.

Javeria Saud continued: “My kids are enjoying it, they are loving it, but they are also complaining to me.

“They say, ‘Mama you are so obnoxious in the drama, you just don’t stop talking’.”

Javeria went on to reveal that she received a compliment from a man who stopped her in the shopping centre and told her she was doing a brilliant job in the drama serial.

She went on to talk about what she expected from Baby Baji.

“I had [high] expectations from the whole series. The story, the way the characters were written, the shoot, our team, and the familial environment.

“Because to work well you must have a great atmosphere, and more than anything, people have clean intentions.

“I thought the serial would be a mega-hit, and it exceeded those expectations.”

“As far as my character was concerned, I felt that Azra is about to penetrate the audience’s homes, and everyone would be looking at their own family’s Azra while watching the drama, voicing similarities.”

Baby Baji is a family-based drama, revolving around the story of a joint family system. The matriarch of the family wishes to keep her sons and their families under one roof.

But problems arise when there is a clash between the two daughter-in-laws, ruining the peace of the house.

The drama stars Samina Ahmed, real-life couple Javeria Saud and Saud Qasmi, Sunita Marshall and Hassan Ahmed.

The drama also features child star Aina Asif, Syeda Tuba Anwar and Junaid Jamshaid.

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