Javeria Saud reveals People were against her Marriage to ‘Playboy’

Javeria Saud has revealed that people did not want her to marry Saud Qasmi, who is known for his Playboy persona.

Javeria Saud reveals People were against her Marriage to 'Playboy' f

"I’ll be worrying about what he’s like"

Javeria Saud and Saud Qasmi spoke about their relationship and Javeria revealed that people did not want her to marry her now-husband.

On The Talk Talk Show, the couple explained that they had met at a wedding and soon after, Saud spoke to his family and sent them to ask for Javeria’s hand in marriage.

Javeria said that many famous actors came to her house regularly in the build-up to her marriage to Saud.

She said: “I liked that all these people were coming, because when your life feels stagnant, and then a sudden change is expected to come, especially when it is a good change, then you enjoy the experience.

“It was a big deal for me and my family to have such stars come to our house, but there was also a fear that if this does progress, I’ll be worrying about what he’s like, how many affairs would be on the cards, and what would and wouldn’t happen.”

Their wedding festivities lasted for 21 days and their Nikah was broadcast on television, something that was almost unheard of at the time.

Hassan Choudary mentioned Saud’s playboy persona and Javeria revealed many people did not want her to marry him because of it.

They also spoke about their career and it was brought to light that when Javeria and Saud began their acting careers, they were not aware of one another.

Saud said he had entered the entertainment industry by complete coincidence when he was approached at a wedding and was offered a movie role immediately.

Saud initially rejected the offer before later accepting it so he could tell his future children that their father had worked in a film.

Javeria and Saud discussed their production house and they said that they were currently working on three projects.

During the rapid-fire segment, Javeria Saud was asked what she enjoyed most about being in the public eye.

She responded: “One pro is that God gives you respect and you get a lot of love from people.

“You also earn enough money in a short time, compared to those who unfortunately work the whole month and are unable to make as much.

“The cons are that you don’t have much personal life and people speak ill of you.

“Granted, you are the artist, but when people speak badly of your family or spread false rumours, that’s awful.

“People think we are so far from God and religion and that we can’t take God’s name, I don’t like this at all.”

Towards the end of the show, Saud offered a few words of advice for the younger generation of actors and told them to get on with one another on set.

“Punctuaity is important. Secondly, you should get on with one another.”

“For example, we were just working on a drama [Baby Baji], and we all became a family. On the last day of shooting, we were all crying.

“This kind of family environment should be present on sets. So I would suggest that everyone sits together and discusses the character.”

Saud added that no actor should feel as though they were better than anyone else.

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