5 Pakistani Dramas trending in India

Some Pakistani dramas have proven so popular that they have made their way on Indian television. Here are five that are trending.

5 Pakistani Dramas trending in India f

His father is against the prospect of them getting married

Pakistani dramas have proven to be highly popular over the years, with many talented actors making their mark in the industry with stellar performances in their chosen projects.

The shows have become so popular that they have become highly recognised in India and fans are sharing their love for the newest releases from the world of showbiz.

Following the success of Tere Bin, Mere Humsafar and Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha, the Indian audience has expressed a desire to see more dramas due to the relatable characters and ability to engage with the storylines.

Here are five Pakistani shows that have made their way onto Indian television and are enjoyed by audiences.



Mein follows the story of egotistic Mubashira (Ayeza Khan) who seeks revenge on her husband and best friend after he hands her divorce papers on their wedding anniversary and proceeds to marry her friend.

The story also follows the journey of Zaid (Wahaj Ali) who belongs to a highly influential family and is in love with a girl from a lower class.

His father is against the prospect of them getting married and requests that Zaid marry Mubashira as she belongs to an elite class.

The latest episode has garnered much appreciation and many social media users have confessed they are excited to see how the drama unfolds.

Mein stars Usman Peerzada, Azeka Daniel, Shehzad Nawaz, Aijaz Aslam and Alizay Rasool.

Mayi Ri


Mayi Ri is a hard-hitting drama that focuses on the topic of child marriages.

It consists of a strong female lead, including names such as Maria Wasti, Maya Khan, Aina Asif, Amna Malik and Hiba Ali.

It also stars Nauman Ijaz, Paras Masroor and Samar Jafri.

Although Mayi Ri is being appreciated for highlighting a sensitive topic, it has recently been criticised for its teenage pregnancy storyline.

Many viewers said that the lead character Annie should have been played by an older actress as Aina Asif is aged 15 and considered too young to portray such a daunting storyline.

Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri


Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri centres on Saim and Zubia, played by Kaushal Khan and Dananeer Mobeen, who grow up together and become good friends.

The story takes a turn when their families believe they should not be friends anymore as they have reached the age of puberty and it is believed that individuals of the opposite sex should not be friends.

Saim and Zubia realise they are in love and their lives are turned upside down when a jealous friend tries to defame them.

Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri also stars Omair Rana, Laila Zuberi, Noreen Gulwani, Ayesha Toor and Ali Tahir.



Razia is the most recent drama to grace Indian television screens.

The latest project for Mahira Khan touches on an array of subjects from the preference of sons over daughters, gender equality and the importance of turning your dreams into a reality.

Apart from Mahira Khan, Mohib Mirza and Momal Sheikh are also seen playing lead characters.

Jaise Apki Marzi


Jaise Apki Marzi is a drama based on emotional abuse at the hands of your husband and the impact it has on a woman’s confidence as well as her marriage.

The drama is proving popular and Mikaal Zulfikaar has been applauded for his role as Sherry, who wishes to control his wife Alizeh by making decisions on her behalf.

Jaise Apki Marzi progresses with Alizeh trying to navigate life with a controlling husband whilst not losing her identity in the process.

The drama also stars Duur-e-Fishan, Javed Sheikh, Kiran Malik and Ali Safina.

These Pakistani dramas have proven so popular that they are enjoyed in India.

The variety of topics seems to be of interest and it is likely that more shows will make their way over to India.

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