Fahad Mustafa hits out at ‘Parasite’ Vloggers for ‘Polluting’ Showbiz

Fahad Mustafa hit out at YouTubers and influencers, calling them “parasites” and claiming they are “polluting” the showbiz industry.

Fahad Mustafa hits out at 'Parasite' Vloggers for 'Polluting' Showbiz f

"Because this is what sells for the poor souls."

Fahad Mustafa has claimed that YouTubers and influencers are “polluting” the showbiz industry.

The actor said he believed that most actors were afraid of giving honest interviews now because things were quick to go viral on social media and be taken out of context.

Fahad stated: “I think that interviews should not be given.

“It’s not about whoever is taking the interview, their intention is not such.

“There are many YouTubers, bloggers – because it is their work that they need content – they, like a parasite, monitor everything, thinking about what they should pick and choose.

“Because this is what sells for the poor souls.

“If I say something good, how will it affect them? If I say something twisted, they’ll add a strange headline and run it.

He revealed that it was because of this that the entertainment industry had suffered as a consequence.

Fahad continued: “I think there are about six to seven people due to whom the industry has been polluted, things are quite bad.

“Your actors are scared, your people don’t want to say anything.

“I don’t think this is a healthy environment. You have become, in the name of tolerance, quite intolerant yourself.”

Fahad Mustafa has made a name for himself in the world of showbiz with the dramas he has starred in alongside his movie roles.

He has worked with names such as Sanam Baloch, Sanam Saeed, Iman Ali and Ismat Zaidi.

Fahad was known for his role as Sikandar in the drama Kankar, a story about Kiran (Sanam Baloch) who suffers domestic abuse at the hands of her husband.

The drama proved popular with its audience and the lead actors were appreciated for the delicate nature they portrayed a troublesome marriage.

Kankar was praised for its storyline and it was stated that the drama gave a positive message in that it was okay for a woman to walk out of an abusive marriage without having to worry about what people would say.

It was labelled an “exemplary Urdu drama”.

Fahad made his movie debut in 2014 with Na Maloom Afraad which became a box office hit.

He was also seen in the film Actor-in-Law and as a result, he won the Best Actor Award for his part in the film.

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