Fahad Mustafa believes Younger Actors are Difficult to Work With

Fahad Mustafa revealed why he is not working on any new projects, claiming it was because he finds it difficult to work with younger actors.

Fahad Mustafa believes Younger Actors are Difficult to Work With f

“But the younger generation are harder to work with."

Fahad Mustafa has claimed that he is currently not working on any new projects because he finds it difficult to work with young actors.

Fahad appeared on the entertainment talk show Gup Shup and shared his thoughts with host Vasay Chaudhry.

The actor has been away from the drama industry for a while now but has been concentrating on more film roles.

During the show, a member of the audience asked Fahad which fellow actor he would think twice about before working with them again.

Fahad replied: “People have been asking me for a long time now why I’m not working in dramas now and the truth is I have a fear within me.

“I have worked with Mahira Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Vasay Chaudhry and Humayun Saeed, who are already stars.

“It’s easy to work with people who are already stars.

“But the younger generation are harder to work with.

“I’m not talking about their talent, I’m talking about being able to get on with them. We didn’t have vanity vans when we were working.

“If we can’t sit in a room together on set, how are we supposed to work together?”

Another individual asked Fahad if he had ever been mistaken for someone else, to which he replied:

“It used to happen a lot, but not recently. Fawad Khan and I have been mistaken for one another on various occasions.

“These are genuine mistakes, nobody is to blame for it.”

During the show, Vasay called Fahad Mustafa a hardworking individual, whether it was for a drama, film or advert.

Fahad felt he was not worthy of all the love.

“I feel like I’m not worthy of all the love I’ve received, but I feel that God has given me the respect and I should continue to work hard.

“I’ve done acting, hosting and production work. There have been times when I had two films released at the same time.”

He also revealed that he was a moody individual, but that did not mean he was harmful.

Fahad pointed out that when he was moody he would still complete his work commitments but then he would hide away for a while before making a return, and that he would never cut anyone off.

Fahad Mustafa has been a part of many well-received drama serials, such as Kankar, Mastana Mahi, Mere Humrahi and Daagh.

His most memorable role was in the serial Mein Abdul Qadir Hoon, where he played a simple and obedient character, who is gradually introduced to the world of alcohol and smoking by a girl in his neighbourhood.

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