5 South Asian Male Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Here are five male South Asian male fashion bloggers showcasing their cultured, unique, experimental and original fashion sense.

5 South Asian Male Fashion Bloggers to Follow ft

He has showcased his originality, fearlessness and innovation.

With more and more South Asian fashion bloggers appearing amongst the social media elites, there has been a growing number of South Asian male fashion bloggers emerging.

Social influencers such as Simran Randhawa and Bambi Bains have gained notoriety with multiple audiences for their South Asian style and glow.

However, now more South Asian male influencers are beginning to showcase their limitless style.

Traditionally, there has been a stigma attached to South Asian males and fashion. This is that they can be stylish yet not heavily involved in fashion because it is an industry considered suitable for women.

This has given rise to dapper influencers who are banishing outdated judgements.

Ranging from high-end to streetwear, experimental to minimal, these fashion gurus are providing audiences with original and mesmerising outfits.

The mutual factor linking the men on this list – uniqueness.

They have a creative vision when it comes to presenting their garments because their clothes are a representation of who they are.

Using different tones, textures and layers that depicts their personality, they all show easy ways that their styles can be replicated.

DESIblitz explores five outstanding South Asian male fashion bloggers that you should follow.

Kapre Bene

5 South Asian Male Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow - kapre

For those looking for inspiration and empowerment, Kapre Bene is the page to see.

From Birmingham, England, Bene is an Indian fashion model, blogger and influencer with over 13,000 followers.

Showcasing a range of styles, it is his execution of smart and made-to-measure outfits that distinguish him from others.

The tailoring, colour choices and simplicity of his style can captivate anyone looking for formalwear inspiration.

Boasting impressive collaborations with River Island, Burton and ASOS, Bene has been paving his way within a tough industry.

However, the defining element of Bene’s movement is his work for the Indian community.

From the UK to New York to Toronto, Bene has managed to cultivate a following by shedding a light on the beauty of Sikhs around the world through video.

The theme of the videos is to celebrate Sikh heritage and emphasise the modernity of the Indian community, which exudes in the way they dress.

The men who participate in his videos all wear paghs (Sikh turban) which symbolises his aspirations to have more Sikh representation in the fashion world.

In 2020, Bene managed to celebrate International Women’s Day with a video that exhibited the power of Indian women who were all donned in suits or formal attire.

In an Instagram caption, Bene stated:

“I was never given an opportunity to pursue something I was passionate about.”

He added:

“Now I want to make sure everyone has the chance to build their confidence and a better community by coming together.”

These massive achievements have allowed Bene to create Kapre Visuals which is his new videography venture.

His brash confidence, awareness and commitment within fashion have given him great success and his style can be easily imitated for those at home.

Affordable, modern and sleek are all characteristics of Bene’s style, whilst he also displays a lot of statement pieces like fur coats or patterned blazers.

He contrasts that with toned down underlayers that can prompt his followers to experiment with clothing and broaden their style, without it being overbearing.



5 South Asian Male Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow - sangiev

The most experimental style on this list comes from YouTube and fashion sensation, Sangiev.

Born in France but eventually moving to London before the age of 10, the Sri Lankan native has skyrocketed in the fashion and influencer world.

With over 74,000 Instagram followers and over 118,000 subscribers on YouTube, it is not difficult to see why Sangiev has gained traction.

Having started his fashion career on YouTube with videos on how to style specific garments, what he would wear to a wedding and holiday lookbooks, his followers soon started noticing a pattern.

Sangiev is always striving to challenge the boundaries of fashion.

His unorthodox approach to styling highlights the notion that it isn’t what you wear, but rather how you wear it.

In some instances, Sangiev would pair jogging bottoms with heeled boots, or red leather trousers with a mismatched shirt.

It’s easy to see how extravagant the items of clothing are but the way Sangiev delivers the final outfit is even more impressive.

By utilising the colour palettes and design of each garment, he manages to showcase the artistry of each piece of clothing, whilst also displaying how they collectively work together in an outfit.

His raw, creative, versatile and sometimes questionable outfits are evidence of his charismatic yet humble personality.

Maintaining his loyalty to his YouTube fans, Sangiev consistently delivers updates on his wardrobe and explains the progression of his style and thought processes.

It’s this transparency that has gripped many British fashion influencers and also huge brands such as GQ, Reebok and Prada.

In a statement on retail platform Farfetch, Sangiev said:

“I’ve never liked the idea of being confined to one style.”

He continued:

“Mine’s dependant on my mood and seeing as that changes daily, my clothes tend to do the same.

“Everyone has the freedom to do their own thing style-wise.”

As he continues to make strides in the fashion world, Sangiev has now started producing his line of fashion pieces.

In 2018, he released a double tiger tooth pendant that was the product of a collaboration with London based jeweller Hunt & Co.

Having a limited collection means the product was sold out in minutes, and it led to the heavily anticipated second collaboration between the two.

In January 2020, Sangiev released his raining bullet pendant and eventually went on to release his first clothing collection in November that year.

Comprising of a cropped jumper, flared cargo trousers and a khaki jacket, all the pieces were designed by Sangiev using his artistic flare.

Though simple pieces, Sangiev has made the habit of instilling the idea that a piece of clothing can be worn in multiple ways, and that’s what his collection exemplified.

After these continuous triumphs, Sangiev geared up for his latest clothing collection in late February 2021 and already has two items sold out.

There’s no denying the impact Sangiev has had on the fashion influencers and especially the South Asian males.

He has showcased his originality, fearlessness and innovation which has transcended through to his followers, who are fuelled with the same confidence after watching Sangiev.

Instagram: @sangiev

Rav Matharu

5 South Asian Male Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow - rav

Another stylish inspiration that is sending shockwaves through fashion is Rav Matharu.

Having initially started a promising career in football, playing for Leeds United until 21, Rav decided to go back to education after his footballing hopes dwindled.

Graduating with a First Class degree in fashion and technology from Leeds Arts University in 2009, Rav relocated to London to pursue his fashion aspirations.

Starting as Head Designer at House of Billiam, he eventually started his own company, Clothsurgeon, in 2012.

The brand prides itself on fusing the line between streetwear and high-end fashion, with designs based on Rav’s experiences, culture and interests.

In 2013, Clothsurgeon released a summer collection that was heavily inspired by the book Shantaram – a commendable novel that vividly portrays the ambience of Bombay.

Speaking to Highsnobiety about how the novel influenced the collection, Rav explained:

“The book is incredible, as I have been to Mumbai a few times I felt I could relate and picture everything.

“Lungi’s worn by Mumbai males, usually in plaids and tartans, I adapted into shorts, vest and a Varsity.”

He went on to reveal:

“The marble floors, which are prevalent in so many houses, I printed digitally onto silk t-shirts.

“Also, the colour palette, for example, the police khaki uniform, I translated into a quilt a-2 bomber.”

These cultural foundations influence fashion fans around the world by showing them the beauty of South Asian countries.

Dave, Kendrick Lamar and J Cole have marked Rav’s rise in fashion by wearing his bespoke pieces.

Rav has solidified his name among famed musicians but does not see that as the highest success possible.

Of course, recognition serves him and his company well. But the main accomplishment for Rav is being as inclusive as possible for those who can’t afford luxury garments but still want to dress that way.

The constant pace of fashion and the hunger for innovative pieces dictates Rav’s fashion sense.

Tonal and comfortable is his blueprint. Greys, blacks and browns are the focal points of his outfits, but he incorporates a lot of patterns such as stripes and checks.

It’s these subtle changes that can elevate someone’s outfit whilst maintaining their style.

Rav has even introduced his 4-year-old daughter to the fashion world and has shown some of their matching outfits on Instagram.

Although fashionable toddlers are not new to social media, it is a fresh sight among South Asians that fashion is embracing, fun and boundless.

Instagram: @matharu_rav

Anthony Gomes

5 South Asian Male Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow - anthony

Like Rav, Anthony Gomes also embraces his South Asian heritage within the fashion industry and has an abundance of dazzling traditional outfits that draw your attention.

A proud member of the LGBTQ community and distinguished stylist, painter and dancer, Anthony’s talents have brought him over 40,000 followers on Instagram.

The American-born Bangladeshi model sparkles in his traditional South Asian wear, courageously experimenting with texture and layering.

The vibrancy, drapes and silhouette of a kurta (traditional South Asian top) are what draws Anthony’s appreciation for these exquisite cultural garments.

These characteristics are then applied to more western outfit choices, where Anthony combines the two for an “Indo-Western” take on fashion.

Pairing a simple kurta top with jeans or throwing a shawl (large Indian cloth) over a shirt and trousers are refreshing ideas in an industry that can become repetitive.

The value of Anthony’s heritage is clear to see.

Featured in the magazine, Popsugar, he stated:

“From the deep jewel tone sarees to the Banarasi silks, being a South Asian in the fashion and beauty industry gives me a voice to share my exuberant culture.

“It allows me to grow as an artist and fuels my creativity to push boundaries.

“I want to inspire fellow South Asian creatives who feel underrepresented in the industry.”

His status as a cultural heavyweight is concrete.

His content is entirely centred around South Asian culture such as showcasing his traditional dance routines on TikTok or capturing the beauty of South Asians through his photography.

The ideas and inclusive nature that you feel on Athonys Instagram are focal in the progression of fashion, especially in the western world.

His outfits are majorly tailored towards South Asians, providing cues of inspiration on how to embrace your culture whilst also being fashionable.

Instagram: @antorvingomes

Sameer Sadhu

5 South Asian Male Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow - sameer

Sameer Sadhu is the final fashion blogger on the list but still exhibits the same individuality.

Although he has a thriving music career, his Instagram is highly dedicated to showing off his seasonally inspired outfits.

His style, much like Sangiev, is based on his mood and surroundings for that day.

Residing in New York, Sameer displays a whole range of outfits that fit in with the NYC culture and weather.

From a rich orange shirt paired with black jeans to a salmon-coloured shirt and trousers two-piece, Sameer does not dwell in showing simple yet effective combinations.

With his Instagram followers sitting just over 5000, Sameer is relatively unknown compared to others on this list. However, that does not take away from his obvious passion for fashion.

His style has been picked up from brands such as GQ India, and he is undoubtedly deserving of the recognition he has received so far.

Using the environment, Sameer emphasises the garments he wears, putting the attention on them rather than himself.

Wearing colours such as green and white and having a backdrop of nature lures followers to make them appreciate the beauty and structure of the clothing even more.

Whilst browsing on his Instagram, a vital component that many will see is Sameer’s ability to display dapper outfits that require minimal effort.

Utilising baggy trousers or oversized t-shirts, Sameer’s stylistic process is not difficult to imitate.

Many of his outfits include items that men can find in their wardrobes, especially when showing outfits that are tonal or using quiet colours.

However, like the others on this list, Sameer lays the foundations of his approach to fashion and gives South Asian men the confidence to dress the way they want.

Instagram: @sameersadhu

These South Asian male fashion bloggers have all displayed their unique approaches to fashion whilst maintaining their originality.

They are distinguishable from each other yet share common traits on their profiles such as empowerment and creativity.

All the fashion bloggers mentioned are progressing within different avenues of fashion and they still have many goals to achieve within the industry.

Of course, representation plays a massive part in how the fashion world is seen, with many seeing it as a Western-dominated environment.

With the emergence of more South Asian fashionistas, there is hope on the horizon which is something to motivate the next line of South Asian men and women looking to breakthrough.

Although more social media recognition allows bigger brands to identify South Asian talents, this list proves that South Asian male fashion bloggers are flourishing by themselves.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Images courtesy of Kapre Bene Instagram, Sangiev Instagram, Rav Matharu Instagram, Anthony Gomes Instagram, Sameer Sadhu Instagram

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