Top 5 British Asian Fashion Bloggers

Fashion bloggers ooze style inspiration with their unique take on the hottest trends of every season. DESIblitz lists our top British Asian fashion bloggers who are representing the community with great success.

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These bloggers each offer alternative approaches on how to wear the season's hottest trends.

With the blogging industry booming, there has been a surge of fashionistas in the UK who are engaging in visual expression through ever growing mediums like Instagram, YouTube and Blogspot.

As the forecast of fashion bloggers looks to increase, we at DESIblitz have selected a few of our favourite bloggers who we feel are bringing creative ingenuity to those who are fanatical about fashion.

The bloggers that have reached our top five each exercise different styles and subsequently offer alternative approaches on how to wear the season’s hottest trends in their own unique way.

So let’s see who has made it onto our list of the Top 5 British Asian Fashion Bloggers.

Kavita Donkersley

kavfinalFirst up we have Kavita Donkersley with her blog titled ‘She Wears Fashion‘.

Beginning at the young and impressionable age of 16, Kavita’s innovative posts concerning all things thrifty and vintage generated huge interest from fashion enthused internet users.

Now 21, Kavita has since managed to gain over 12,000 likes on her Facebook page.

She has embarked on numerous projects with top retail brands including New Look, Missguided and Lacoste, whom have heightened her exposure both nationally and internationally.

Her style is often composed of layering and she’s all about legs! Bralets teamed with shorts and skorts and accessorised with fedoras make a consistent appearance on her blog.

Having made blogging her full time profession, you can be sure to pick up some great tips on how to travel in style as Kavita continues to collaborate with established brands and their global campaigns.

Hannah Desai

hannahNext to follow is Hannah Desai; the face behind ‘Cocobeautea‘.

As a coffee drinking enthusiast, Hannah’s Instagram page has attracted over 30,000 followers and speaks style with simplicity.

Though her university life may have recently come to an end, Hannah’s fashion profile persists on bringing sophistication and clean cut looks.

Hannah is a great example of someone who does not shy away from wearing the same item twice and instead has the ability to create different looks each time.

An evident lover of all things minimal, Hannah’s love for monochrome is translated in her lifestyle choices.

Her well-organised bedroom frequently appears as a backdrop to her fashion posts and vlogs. Secondary to this location are coffee shops, and with such a detailed blog requiring her tripod to stand still and behave itself, who can blame her for turning to caffeine for fuel?

The self-confessed shoeholic lends herself to beauty fans too as she also provides make-up tutorials to complement her fashion posts.

Sameera Hussain

mulberryThirdly we have Miss Sameera Hussain, otherwise known as Miss Mulberry.

With its brilliant title, Sameera’s blog, ‘Musings of Mulberry‘ shares personal anecdotes along with her love for all things Zara and, of course, Mulberry.

Fairly new to the blogging scene, Sameera is a teacher by day and a fashion blogger by night.

The Scottish style savvy shares a modest approach on how to dress casually, for work, evening dinner attire and popular Asian events.

Now with an Instagram following of over 12,000 followers, Miss Mulberry’s fashion blog is growing from strength to strength. A wee congratulations from DESIblitz is also in order as Sameera recently got married.



Found under the Instagram name ‘mrzieshan‘, Zieshan is a part time student and part time blogger of men’s style.

In such a short number of posts, this fashion blogger has successfully managed to convey a mature finish to his looks.

The statement camel coloured coat, turtleneck sweaters, brogues and loafers are all current Autumn/Winter 2014 trends Zieshan has exercised well.

His fashion uploads boast a sense of suavity whilst his visual fusion of outfit ideas provide insight into his personal style perspective. In this way, Zieshan’s profile illustrates him as very debonair and polished.

Pardeep Singh Bahra

Singh Street StyleFinally we have Mr. Bahra who represents his blog ‘Singh Street Style‘.

With a creative discipline, Pardeep is active in blogging, styling and designing whilst also a practitioner in photography and modelling.

His portfolio includes features in Vogue and Asiana to which he promotes himself as the turbaned fashion blogger.

Pardeep has turned his passion for fashion into a business venture by economising his unique style and transforming it into a caricature.

As a result of his recent affiliation with Samsung, you may have already spotted Pardeep on billboards in London and on the front cover of the Metro.

Upon speaking at The Sikh Awards, Pardeep expressed: “I honestly feel like this is not a celebration of my achievements, but the celebration of the idea that you can achieve your dreams if you have faith.”

Whether it’s turning fashion into funds or announcing yourself as fashionably intelligent, our top five British Asian fashion bloggers prove that an adoration for the fashion industry combined with determination can create an occupation where you can practice what you love.

Fahmida is a fashion enthused English & Media graduate. Her creative discipline has heightened her aspiration of becoming an established fashion and lifestyle writer. She likes to follow the motto “Be who you want to be, not what others want to see.”

Images courtesy of Kavita Donkersley, Hannah Desai, Sameera Hussain, Zieshan and Pardeep Singh Bahra

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