Best Kurta and Kurti Styles you can Wear with Anything

Kurtas and kurtis are very popular globally. Comfortable and elegant, they come in a variety of designs and styles which can be worn with almost anything.

Best Kurta and Kurti Styles you can Wear with Anything f

They can be worn to any event, or as a casual daytime look, the decision is with the wearer.

What’s in a kurta, or for that matter a kurti? Desis globally are familiar with the concept of the loose flowing garment.

But now as more mainstream and European markets adopt the style, DESIblitz looks at kurtas and kurtis and how to wear them.

Usually made of cotton and silk these garbs can be stitched in a variety of other fabrics. Kurta and kurti styles have gained global recognition with many emulating the front-slit kurta style in the Western world.

However, kurtas and kurtis are still mostly worn as staple attire in South-Asian countries, especially in India and Pakistan.

A kurta, is usually long enough that it typically reaches the wearer’s knees or calves. A kurti however, mainly possesses a waist-length or hip-length.

They are trending so much that new innovative designs are being created every day to meet the demands of the consumer. So, there is a need to bring variety to the market, since every other person wears them.

The markets of South-Asian countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and most extensively, India and Pakistan are being over-flowed with more and more kurtas and kurtis daily.

The eye-catching designs, colours, styles and contrasts never cease to be crafted, keeping up with the public’s popular demand.

The styles vary according to the place, and regional diversity but there is ample variety to choose from.

We bring you some of the best kurta and kurti styles you can wear with anything.

A-Line Kurta

Kurta and Kurti Styles you can Wear with Anything - A-Line


The A-line kurta is worn expansively all around South-Asia and is the most commonly worn kurta among women. With its structured lines and snug fit, it’s super slimming.

It is fitted from the shoulders to the hips and then opening up on both sides to the hem. It can be worn as a daily wear with practically anything.

For a more desi look, pair with a skinny pyjama or even a lehenga if you are feeling experimental. To bring a fusion twist pair with super skinny jeans or leggings, pick any colour depending on the kurta colour.

For bright kurtas select a dark blue or black to make the kurta pop.

Tail-Cut Kurta

tailcut kurta kurta kurtis - in article

Tail-cut kurtas are a very popular design of kurta in South-Asia. A more eccentric style this flowing garment would bode well at seasonal gatherings and parties.

An almost boho feel to it, the tail-cut kurta is a unique style which is sure to be impactful and eye-catching, wherever you choose to wear it.

This style can be considered the mohawk of kurtas, short in the front and long in the back. We would recommend styling this with a heavily embroidered pyjama or shalwar. As the legs are the focal point with this kurta.

Flared Kurta

Kurta and Kurti Styles you can Wear with Anything - Flared


A flared kurta is a very well-designed style of kurta. It is asymmetrical and longer on the sides as the hemline opens up.

The sides, as the name suggests, fall in the form of flares, giving bounce to the whole get-up. This would be a good option for daywear, while it can be worn as a desi garment.

The flared kurta would also work nicely with a pair of well-tailored skinny jean or even a boyfriend jean if you wish to adopt a more flowing 70s style of wear.

Poncho/Kaftan Style Kurta

poncho kurti kurta kurti - in article

Another prominent trending design of kurta is the poncho, or kaftan style kurta.

Airy and spritely this kurta can be plain or heavily embellished giving you a beautiful cloak.

This look would be well matched with a wide length trouser or a shalwar.

Also paired with a muff this could give a very aristocratic look with the trouser. Or if worn with a shalwar go for brightly embroidered bottoms and statement earrings to play up to the indo-western fun fusion look.

Front-Slit Kurta

Kurta and Kurti Styles you can Wear with Anything - Front Slit


The most emulated kurta in this list, the front-slit kurta is a fashion feat. The possibilities with this kurta are endless, worn long ideally, with a slit in the front, this is a daring cut.

Our favourite kurta styling of the front-slit is a black mesh fabric paired with a bright bottom, be it a pyjama, jean or legging.

The colour contrast juxtaposes with the seductive fabric and cut.

Making for an extremely enviable look.

Naturally, other looks in this style of kurta, such as a meshed fusion design can be even more daring showing off the navel and tummy donned with a skinny pair of jeans, jeggings or leggings.

Angrakha Kurta

Angrakha Style kurta kurta kurtis - in article

Then comes the angrakha kurta. A regal and sophisticated kurta, it is of a sweeping style which leans to a particular side, tied daintily with tassles.

This kurta flirts a feminine air, we would recommend pastels and peaches for this look. A springtime wear, with a pyjama as this kurta is a desi look through and through.

It will surely be spotted in the summer wedding season also.

Anarkali Kurta

anarkali styled kurta kurta kutis - in article

The anarkali kurta, is its own unique style. It is quintessentially a cultural and traditional look. However, designers are becoming more playful with the colours and fabrics being used.

The bolder the better we say, pick the kurta with contrasting tones, if yellow pick a black pyjama and dupatta.

Bring some edge to the look to breathe modernity into it.

Shirt Style Kurti

Kurta and Kurti Styles you can Wear with Anything - Shirt Style

Taking a leaf from Coco Chanel, the shirt-style kurti embraces male fashion trends but alters it to the female form.

Thus creating a very sleek and clean-cut look. This look is another dual gem while being essentially a Desi kurti it can also be styled in a Western way.

Some designs of this kurti even feature full shirt collars to add homage to this particular design.

Pair a shirt style kurta with black leggings and it will have a very retro 1950s feel to it, large black sunglasses are not necessary to the look but never hurt anybody.

Tunic Style Kurta

Kurta and Kurti Styles you can Wear with Anything - Tunic


The tunic style kurtas, also known as tunic tops give a beautiful silhouette to the body.

Lying midway between traditional and contemporary. This style is more casual, the type of thing you throw on to meet friends for brunch or do your weekend shopping.

While it may not be the most glamorous of pieces, it is comfortable and easy. Due to its unique prints, it’s also likely to be unlike anything anyone else is wearing.

Making you seem very fashion forward when wearing a tunic style kurta.

Short Kurti Tops

Kurta and Kurti Styles you can Wear with Anything - Short

Short kurti tops are a great casual style to wear.

Due to their shorter length compared to the other styles, they can be easily matched other attire quickly. 

They are a great look to wear during day or night. Whether you are a student, working or even catching up with friends for a social night out.

They are available in many kinds of fabrics but cotton versions are very comfortable to wear just with underwear for women.

This style of kurta tops are also very popular for men and are a great addition to the wardrobe for summer especially.

Hyderabad Kurta

Kurta and Kurti Styles you can Wear with Anything - Hyderabad Kurta


The thing that makes this kurta stand out from the rest is its embroidery along the neck area along with the keyhole style neck opening.

When this style first hit the markets, they were usually stitched in white fabric, but now, a huge variety of colours and contrasts are found in them.

A very dapper and symmetrical styled kurta this is a structured look in Desi menswear.

Bengali Kurta

Kurta and Kurti Styles you can Wear with Anything - bengali kurta styles


Bengali kurta is another male ethnic kurta design.

There are a few styles of this kurta which associate themselves with the regional areas. One key thing to note is these kurtas are mostly worn with dhotis, which is the traditional look for Bengali kurtas.

Firstly, of exceptional quality is the Bangladeshi indigenous Kantha embroidery, which shows off a gorgeous classy and colourful finish. The patterns and colours are extremely eye-catching.

These kurtas are fecund in many variations of designs all over them. With such beguiling colours and patterns available, they are a wonderful choice for something a little different.

Then, there is the more plain style of Bengali kurtas which are shorter and worn with the dhoti, which is often made from the same fabric.

Desi menswear, in particular, men’s kurtas are more in vogue than ever.

Men’s Punjabi Kurta

Kurta and Kurti Styles you can Wear with Anything - Punjabi

Punjabi kurtas are a popular style of clothing worn by men in particular in Punjab. They are a simple design and frequently made from cotton fabric.

Popular for comfort and ease of wear, Punjabi kurtas can either be half sleeved or full sleeved. A typical design feature is full collars like a shirt and a breast pocket – often used to hold a pen or sunglasses.

They are worn traditionally with a pajama which is the bottoms matching the kurta and made out of the same material to make it into a ‘kurta pajama’ suit.

They are also worn with dhotis and chaddars which are sarong like styles.

So, if you want to have the Punjabi look with your choice of kurta, then this is definitely a style worth trying.

The most interesting fact about kurtas and kurtis is that they never go out of fashion. Even if you pull out a kurta out of a wardrobe years later, it will never be branded as ‘old fashioned’.

They look elegant, are comfortable and have a variety of designs.

They can be worn to any event, or as a casual daytime look, the decision is with the wearer.

Which justifies why kurtas and kurtis are gaining fame worldwide.

Ayesh, a Masters in English Language and Literature degree holder adores music, culture, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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