Elegant Brasso Saree Styles and Designs to Wear

Ethnic party wear can be made extra special with a sheer brasso saree. It is an elegant and glamorous choice for any festive Desi occassion.

Brasso saree styles are the ultimate addition to your party wardrobe

The Brasso saree is one of the most sensual styles you can pick for any occassion.

The sheer style and gorgeous embroidery will make you feel effortlessly elegant. Whether it is a formal occasion or a wedding, this stunning saree will set you apart from the rest.

The variety of trends and drapes available in this style will make sure that you have the perfect option for every event.

Brasso fabric is the chosen material for designers to make the most spectacular sarees for parties and formal occasions.

The Perfect Drape for any Party

Brasso saree styles are the ultimate addition to your party wardrobe. Unlike cotton and silk, they can be worn throughout the year. They are lightweight, but are equally gorgeous and festive.

It is not cumbersome like silk, and drapes easily. The sheer fabric is suitable for any weather, and drapes like a dream. The bright colours and gorgeous embroidery work; makes this saree perfect for weddings and parties.

Elegant Brasso Saree Styles and Designs to Wear

The Trendiest Choice for You

Brasso net fabric is the latest trend in designer sarees for party-wear. It lends you a dramatic look—something that is making it increasingly popular with the young girls today:

“I love how sensual the material makes me feel. The breezy fabric makes it easy to drape. The beautiful embroidery and bright colours is all I need to make a statement,” said Neha Agarwal, an IT professional from Delhi.

Kiran from Leicester adds: “The fabric, the cut and the fit are incredibly flattering and they are perfect for almost any Desi occasion.”

Have a look at this Lime Green net Brasso saree from Sareez.com here.

Half and Half Saree Style

One of the latest designs of Brasso saree is the half and half style. Not only the fabric but its motifs are also a major highlight. There is an aesthetic blend of solid base with more translucent fabric. These are highly trending as ethnic party wear sarees.

Half and half saree is a great pick to attend a wedding or a semi-formal party where you want to make an impression. The grand appearance and sensual fabric will make you the center of attraction.

Check out this stunning Karisma Kapoor number from CBazaar.

Aesthetic Designs

What makes a Brasso saree more elegant and classy than other sarees is its intricate design. The closely knit designs make them a class apart from the sheer net sarees being sold nowadays.

There is something extremely pleasing about the ornate designs and patterns you see in this kind of sarees. It has a certain elegance in the closely knit motifs – a speciality not found in the net and other varieties.

Elegant Brasso Saree Styles and Designs to Wear

A Quintessential Choice for All Ages

The designs that can be found in a Brasso saree are as varied as the material used to make them. The patterns can include any design or motif. Whether you like traditional motifs like flowers or paisley print, fauna or want edgy and modern prints, there is something for everyone.

When you want a traditional look, you can try the Ikat print variety. For the modern woman it is also available in a range of trendy prints. Edgy geometric designs and abstract shapes make this saree a bestselling choice for the woman of today.

Preeti Chowdhary says:

“My favourite in my mother’s collection is the beautiful lime green georgette Brasso saree with a fabulous paisley motif. Someday I hope to inherit it from her.”

See more designs from Utsav Fashion here.

Glamorous Accents

The intricate designs act like natural accents for your party-wear saree. But, for those who are looking for some additional glamour, there are a lot of options to add to your designer Brasso saree.

If you are looking for an understated and sophisticated look, you can go for a saree with embellishments in the “pallu” and the border. For a more gorgeous look, there are heavier and bolder accents for you out there!

Mirraw offers a stunning range of elegant designs that you can look at here.

Accessorising your Saree

The natural glamour of this saree makes it easy to accessorise. You can keep it simple for the more embellished sarees that have heavy zari work or ektaar ka kaam.

Glam up your festive look by adding simple accessories like a trendy clutch, a sparkling bracelet or a gorgeous necklace.

Experiment with the style of your blouse to add an extra oomph to your attire. You can go for metallic shades – something that will complement the embellishments in your Brasso saree.

The versatility of the fabric has steadily made it one of the most preferred designer saree materials. It’s certainly great for formal occasions such as weddings and engagements. So, having one in your collection is definitely a good idea.

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Images courtesy of cbazaar.com, mirraw.com, sareez.com, and Utsav Fashion