Lavish Chiffon Saree Designs and Styles to Wear

One of the most lavish and sensual styles, the Chiffon saree is favoured by the most noted celebrities. From Bollywood to royalty, it is popular among all.

Sensual Chiffon Saree Designs and Styles to Wear

"The fabric is stylish and doesn't cause any discomfort. I can wear it all day long"

Crafted out of wispy and sheer fabric, the Chiffon saree is one of the most popular saree styles available in the market.

The shimmery, smooth texture of this type of saree has earned it a lasting place in the hearts of women of all generations. The delicate nature of the fabric lends the wearer, an uber feminine and sensual appeal.

From simple, everyday wear sarees to gorgeously embellished varieties, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Preferred by the Bollywood divas, past and present, Chiffon sarees have found a good deal of popularity among women of all ages.

The fabric is lightweight and very easy to drape. The flowing material is soft and offers a great silhouette to the wearer.

Sensual Chiffon Saree Designs and Styles to Wear

The Origins of the Fabric

Derived from the French word, “Chiffon”, meaning cloth, the fabric was made exclusively with silk fibres.

Nowadays, with the introduction of synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon, and rayon blended Chiffon fabric has become more popular. Apart from its sensual appeal, one of the primary reasons for the popularity of these sarees is its durability.

Despite its delicate look, these sarees are extremely durable. They are also economically viable, especially the blended varieties.

Pure silk Chiffon sarees are more expensive as they are manufactured from natural silk fibre. It also gives the saree a shimmering texture, making it the most favoured variant.

Take a look at some different Chiffon saree styles at Andaaz Fashion here.

The Bollywood Connection

The evolving trends of Bollywood, have always been a huge factor in influencing the fashion trends among Desi women.

The flowing Chiffon sarees and dupattas of the leading ladies from the yesteryears to the divas of today have all had their part in making this style famous.

Sensual Chiffon Saree Designs and Styles to Wear

Bollywood has been one of the biggest patrons of this style of sarees for many years. Both onscreen and offscreen, the beauties of Bollywood have sported them for many years.

Srishti Saraf, a Marketing Executive from Delhi, says:

“My mother bought her first chiffon saree after she saw Rekha wearing one in an iconic song of one of the classic Bollywood romances.”

Sudarshan Silks has a great Bollywood-inspired collection of Chiffon sarees. Take a look here.

Accessorising your Chiffon Saree

This kind of saree is lightweight and has a slippery texture. The fibres are alternately twisted, resulting in a slightly crumpled appearance.

This is one of the most versatile fabrics and can be dressed up or down very easily. A simple chain of pearls or a classic silver or gold chain is perfect for an understated elegance.

If you want to glam up your attire, you can choose a saree with heavy embellishments and pair them with a statement necklace or chandelier earrings.

Experiment with the neck and back of your blouse to give your attire a personal touch. Since, these sarees have a sheer, appearance, you have a lot of scope for accentuating your outfit.

Sensual Chiffon Saree Designs and Styles to Wear

The Perfect Drape for any Season

Due to its lightweight and airy fabric, a Chiffon saree is the perfect wear for the summer season. The sheer fabric lets your skin breathe freely, and is not cumbersome at all.

This kind of saree style is also the perfect choice for formal events. The sensual fabric accentuates all the right curves, leaving you looking stylish and feeling confident:

“I found the perfect workwear option in Chiffon. The fabric is stylish and doesn’t cause any discomfort. I can wear it all day long, without any problems at all,” said Kirti Verma, a hospitality industry veteran.

Maintaining your Saree

Contrary to its delicate appearance, Chiffon sarees are very durable. However, in order to maintain the lustrous shine of the fabric, there are some precautions that should be taken. It is preferable to wash the sarees by hand or slow machine washed.

Sensual Chiffon Saree Designs and Styles to Wear

It is best to wash these sarees separately and not soak them for too long in water. If your sarees have embellishments or embroidery work, it is best to get them dry cleaned by professionals.

A Breezy Fabric for All Occasions

If you are looking for a saree fabric that is glamorous and sexy, with a touch of elegance, then a Chiffon saree is the perfect choice for you.

The diaphanous fabric with a sensual appeal is ideal for both party and everyday wear. Become the centre of attraction at any event, when you don one of these sarees.

Favoured by the top designers and celebrities alike, Chiffon sarees are definitely a must have in your wardrobe.

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Images courtesy of Andaaz Fashion and Sudarshan Silks

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