How to wear a Saree in 5 Simple Steps

Saree is undoubtedly the most graceful Indian attire, but do you know how to wear one? See the art of how to wear a Saree in 5 simple steps!

How to wear a saree in 5 simple steps

For a more classy look, adorn the saree with a delicate brooch

Don’t know how to wear a saree?

And stuck with yards of fabric, always hopelessly entrapped?

Well, DESIblitz is here to assist you in 5 simple steps on how to wear one.

But first, you need to know that saree consists of three pieces. A blouse, a petticoat and the lengthy drape.

Whether you’re a beginner or just need a few tips and tricks, we provide you with a step-by-step saree recipe!

How to Wear a Saree in 5 Simple Steps

Saree: The Three Pieces


The blouses are like crop-tops, tailored to fit.

They often end around the bust area. However, longer blouses are also an option.

Easily tied by a drawstring, you also have the choice of hooks or zips.

Further, when choosing a blouse, always keep the colour in mind. Though, usually, its fabric is woven from the same material as the drape. A perfect matching!


The petticoat looks like a straight skirt, without pleats.

Although they are not visible, these skirts hide the bottom shape of your body. Thus, they add volume to a saree and help avoid the static grip.

Carrying a length from the waist to ankle, petticoats should match the colour of your drape.

Most importantly, its main role is to keep the drape tightly fastened. As such, a necessary piece to tuck the top of the saree into, and wrap it around your waist.


This 6-8 yards of elegance is a rectangular piece.

The long length is the identity of this traditional attire, allowing its wearer to experiment with its versatile styles of draping.

A successful experiment will make you look perfectly sophisticated. While, a clumsy drape will give you a bad shape!

So, follow our 5 simple steps below, and style your drape!

How to Wear a Saree

Step 1:

How to wear a saree in 5 simple steps

Firstly, wear the blouse and petticoat.

Make sure the blouse has a good fit. Since fitted blouses emphasise the beauty of the saree.

Notably, the petticoat needs to be tied securely using its drawstring.

Step 2:

How to wear a saree in 5 simple steps

Now, pick the perfect height shoes, so you know how long to make the saree.

In addition, to make your saree more manageable, wear heels, instead of flat shoes.

Heels will add a glamorous appearance, making the fall and flow of the saree graceful. And will further complement your body.

However, they shouldn’t be too high. Because exposing your ankles will ruin the elegant look.

Step 3:

How to wear a saree in 5 simple steps

It’s now time to tuck in the plain end of the saree into the petticoat.

But, make sure the embroidery border is facing the right way!

In particular, it is always wise to use a safety pin here, to avoid a saree malfunction.

Further, take the saree behind you and bring it around. Make a complete turn, a right to left.

However, you must make sure you have enough material to drape over your shoulder and across your body.

Neatly, tuck in the drape fabric around the waist into the petticoat.

Step 4:

How to wear a saree in 5 simple steps

With the extra fabric hanging, it’s to create the voluminous pleats.

Therefore, you need around eight folds.

Fold the fabric, one by one, by winding the saree from your thumb to your index finger.

Making sure they are tighter at the top and loose at the bottom. Also tuck these pleats into the petticoat, making sure they fall right under your navel.

Interestingly, there is now a saree pleat maker available to assist you in creating equal folds. Check it out on Amazon and wear your saree with a flawless pallu setting!

Lastly, secure these pleats with a safety pin, near the top and the middle.

Step 5:

How to wear a saree in 5 simple steps

We are getting there!

It’s now time for the fun draping bit!

The remaining fabric of the drape does another complete round. Around your body, from right to left.

Get hold of the end of the saree and gather it together, pleating its top edges.

Finally, the decorative border angle can now be thrown over your shoulder. Or let it elegantly hang over your arm.

Don’t forget to pin it in place!

For a more classy look, adorn the saree with a delicate brooch.

In addition, if you take the material from the top right of the fabric end, and bring it behind you, pinning it along where the petticoat rests, it will give you a slimming effect.

And now, don’t forget to wear your statement jewellery pieces!

Try a messy hair up do to further compliment your style.

And there you have it, DESIblitz’s guide on the art of wearing a saree in 5 simple steps.

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