Exquisite Lehenga Saree Styles to Adore and Wear

A Lehenga Saree is the ultimate blend of two of the most gorgeous South Asian attires. These saree styles are super easy to drape and look stunning.

Exquisite Lehenga Saree Styles to Adore and Wear

"It falls like a dream and makes me feel like a princess"

The latest trend in the world of ethnic fashion is the beautiful Lehenga Saree.

This type of attire blends the skirt of the traditional lehenga with the pallu of a saree. They are perfect for occasions such as engagements, weddings, and other formal events.

Available in a range of exquisite designs, they have become the hot favourite trend for party wear. This latest innovation in the world of ethnic fashion has been making a buzz in the fashion industry.

In one outfit, you can get both the elegance of a saree, and the convenience of a lehenga. They are a fuss-free way of glamming up your look for any event.

Origins of the Elements

Lehenga sarees themselves are a recent creation. But, the individual elements have long and unique histories. Dating back to several centuries, these attires have been the women’s favourite for all generations.

This saree style was born out of the need for creating something gorgeous yet convenient to wear.

The silhouette is every bit as gorgeous as its two core components. But the simple “slip, tuck, and drape” method of wearing reduces the effort it takes to get ready.

With this easy-to-wear outfit, you can look effortlessly elegant in less than a few minutes. You won’t need ages to get ready anymore. Maria, a pharmacist from Leicester says:

“I love wearing lehenga sarees to any big event or close family wedding. It is easy to wear and really adds extra glamour to your outfit!”

Take a look at this stunning pink and beige lehenga saree from CBazaar.com here.

Components of the Sarees

There are three main components in this kind of saree style – the skirt, the pallu, and the blouse. There can be a lot of variation in the all these components as well. The skirt can be fashioned in different silhouettes such as mermaid tail and flared. Whatever the silhouette maybe, the common practice is to have the pleats pre-stitched into the garment itself.

The pallu can be sewn into the skirt and all the wearer needs to do is, drape it as they want. Some designs also come with a separate pallu. These designs give the wearer a greater chance for customisation.

The blouse can be stitched in any style, as per the wearer’s preference and personal style. One can opt for a choli look or a traditional saree blouse, depending on the overall look they want to achieve.

Lehenga Saree Styles

Lehenga sarees can be crafted out of a number of different fabrics. The most commonly used fabrics include chiffon, georgette, crepe, jacquard looms, viscose blends, lurex blends, and other fabrics that are generally considered to be light.

The reason for choosing these fabrics is because they fall very well. They are also very lightweight, making the garment easy to manage. These sarees are also extremely malleable and give a very good shape:

“Why I chose the lehenga saree style for my engagement is because it is very easy to drape, and manage. It falls like a dream and makes me feel like a princess,” remarks Purba Sethi, a marketing manager from Chandigarh.

Check out this regal orange and blue lehenga saree from Utsav Fashion here.

Gorgeous Embellishments

Lehenga sarees come with a variety of embellishments such as sequins, zardosi, zari, gota work, resham embroidery, and so much more.

Woven into intricate motifs, these lend a gorgeous look to the sarees, making them perfect for formal occasions such as weddings, engagements, and red carpet events.

You can choose from heavily embellished lehenga sarees to ones with lesser embroidery or detail, depending on your personal preference. There are so many options available that you will be spoilt for choices.

Global Appeal of the Sarees

Due to the ever-changing nature of fashion, constant innovation is required to meet the global demands. This is why these sarees are fast becoming the first choice for many women. In fact, it has become one of the symbols for contemporary Indian fashion.

Neelam Raj, a chartered accountant from Mumbai, says:

“I love how my lehenga saree is the perfect combination of elegance and ease. It’s so easy to drape and carry that I have no problem wearing it for a long time.”

Omsara UK online store has some beautifully elegant lehenga saree styles that you can try here.

Accessorising your Sarees

This type of saree usually comes with intricate embroidery or embellishments. This means they are very easy to accessorise.

Lehenga sarees go well with traditional and contemporary jewellery designs. Traditional jewellery sets including Kundan, jadau, and Meenakari designs team well with these ornate sarees.

Depending on how you prefer to wear your pallu, you can add brooches and bangles. A statement cocktail ring will be another great addition to your look. Let your hair loose or tie it up, your saree is perfect for any hairstyle you choose.

Maintaining your Sarees

Avoid washing your saree often, in order to maintain the fabric and design. If you need to wash the saree, make sure to use a mild detergent or get it dry cleaned.

Keep your saree protected from moths and other insects and air it often. Don’t keep your saree in a place prone to getting damp.

Exquisite Lehenga Saree Styles to Adore and Wear

Need inspiration? Take a look at these stunning designs from Gosh Fashion and Andaaz Fashion.

A Saree like No Other

Lehenga sarees are one of the most gorgeous saree styles available in the market today.

They are perfect for wearing to special occasions and are being selected by brides-to-be as their outfit for wedding related events such as engagements, sagai, and so on.

These beautiful sarees are versatile and easy to drape, making them a must-have in any wardrobe.

An aspiring storyteller, Mridula has found her passion in inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves. She lives by the motto, “Dream until your dreams come true.”

Images courtesy of Andaaz Fashion, CBazaar, Gosh Fashions, Omsara and Utsav Fashion

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