Choosing a Lehenga Style for your Body Shape

Identify your figure, an apple, pear, inverted triangle, rectangle, or an hourglass? DESIblitz helps you in choosing a Lehenga style for your body shape.

Choosing a Lehenga Style for your Body Shape

A Princess or A-line cut Lehenga will surely do the trick for the pear.

Choosing a Lehenga style for your body shape, the secret of highlighting your best features, and minimising your less than perfect ones.

It’s not only about the Lehenga. It’s actually about you and the Lehenga. The Lehenga and you have a relationship.

Does it look glamorously attractive on the mannequin and not once you put it on? Or, does it look rather awkward on the hanger but exceptionally desirable as soon as you put it on?

“Fashion is architecture: It’s a matter of proportions,” states the French Fashion Designer, Coco Chanel.

Each of us has a unique body, identified through five shapes. Or, you might be a combination of two or more categories. These include the pear, inverted triangle, rectangle, hourglass, and the apple.

So, which shape are you?

Pear Body Shape

Choosing a Lehenga style for your body shape

Are your hips wider than your shoulders, but your waist and bust are petite? Yet, most of your weight is carried around the bottom part of your body? Well then most likely you are a pear.

When choosing a Lehenga style for your body shape attention must be given to the upper part of your body. So that it may appear wider, de-emphasising your lower half.

Such as a fully embellished Lehenga, a fitted bodice with the higher waistline, and a boat neckline. Rather than blouses that fall below the waist, ending on the widest part of the hips.

It follows that a Princess or A-line cut Lehenga will surely do the trick for the pear. Particularly, a fit, yet flared look, that sways with your body, without clinging.

Additionally, a jewelled band or belt across the Lehenga waist will surely add more weight to the top body, forcing vision upwards.

But, remember to avoid styles that add weight to the bottom half. Such as, shapes that hug the body or mermaid styles.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Choosing a Lehenga style for your body shape

The complete opposite shape of the pear!

Do you have broad shoulders and a wide bust? And are you rather slim around your waist and hips? In this case, you need to play down your top half.

As an inverted triangle, choosing a Lehenga style for your body shape will involve adding emphasis to the hips.

This can be done by picking a lightly adorned blouse. While the Lehenga is more patterned, with beads or sequins. Also look for heavier textured materials, such as velvet or brocade.

In contrast to the pear outline, the inverted triangle shape requires Lehengas with an elongated blouse, drawing eyes down, by lengthening the upper body.

However, avoid heavy blouses and baggy sleeves, which are textured with beads. All will bring out the bust, giving a top heavy feel. Ideal sleeves will follow the natural outline, with minor patterns.

Apple Body Shape

Choosing the Right Lehenga Style for your Body Shape

Are you round around the stomach?

Then you need to divert attention from this mid-section when choosing a Lehenga style for your body shape. Rather, focus on the bottom and top half.

A raised cinched waist blouse brings focus above the waist. While the Lehenga structure that falls below, camouflages over the midsection, flattering the apple shape, and giving a slim appearance.

Also, a slightly longer blouse with an airy weave, yet fitted at the bust, will also give a flat appearance to the stomach.

Rectangle Body Shape

Choosing a Lehenga style for your body shape

Rather petite, with equivalent proportions all over.

Do you have a delicately small-boned waist, hips and bust? While choosing a Lehenga style for your body shape, remember to give some definition to your figure.

By all means, you need to give your body the illusion of curves. You can perfectly carry a mermaid cut Lehenga, which will add more volume to your hips.

Or, an empire style Lehenga, characterised by the fitted bodice, flowing freely from below, will also add dimensions to your slim figure.

Another option is to wear a jacket or a waistcoat blouse, as this will provide some detail to your waistline.

Then again, you don’t want to look too flat! So avoid wearing a straight A-line style.

Want more of a curved effect around the hips? Drape the dupatta from the right shoulder, all the way around the back, and bring it to the left side, tucking into the Lehenga. But, make sure the dupatta is a stiff fabric, like the net material.

Hourglass Body Shape

Choosing a Lehenga style for your body shape

If your bust and hips are equivalent, and you have a defined waist, then you are an hourglass shape.

From all the body types, you will have the easiest time choosing a Lehenga style for your body shape. You can pretty much play around. If you want to draw attention to your curves, you could opt for a mermaid style, or an A-line sheath Lehenga, which has a close fitting.

Additionally, to emphasise your natural waist, you can wear a basque waistline Lehenga.

Yet, if you rather look a little less curved, choose a simple Lehenga with classic lines, nothing detailed or puffed up with poofy net layering.

Also, a Princess style Lehenga, with a full circular cut, will look absolutely flattering!

Since you have the same top and bottom half, your only restriction is to avoid looking too full from either of the two areas. As this can make you look heavier overall. Remember to keep that balance.

Choosing a Lehenga style for your body shape is only half the battle. It also needs to have a good fit, from every angle. Make sure you don’t only consider the front, but the back and sides too.

Bring to light your polished and refined looks!

Still confused? Why not download the ‘Dress My Body Shape’ App and find your ideal body structure. As well as, learn how to dress and shop accordingly.

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

Images courtesy of Gujarati Dresses - Manish Malhotra Bridal Lehenga Collection 2015, Shyamal and Bhumika, highheelconfidential – Sabyasachi Mukherjee, fashionexprez and Pavitraa.

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