Dress for your Body Shape

Even the most ‘perfect’ women will complain about their body shape. So, finding the best way to dress for your body shape matters.

"99% of women claim they have bought clothes which don’t suit their figure"

Whether you are pear-shaped, apple-shaped, have the shape of an inverted triangle or have a boyish figure, there is no need to despair! Your body shape is unique to you!

Body shapes are in and out of fashion just like clothes, as is evident by celebrity culture. If the media isn’t raving about Kim Kardashian’s luscious curves, then they’re mooning over Cheryl Cole’s petite frame.

Keeping this in mind, it is really important to dress to suit your own individual body, so then you get the best look. Therefore, knowing and understanding your shape is crucial!

Dress for your Body ShapeDo you ever go shopping and feel overwhelmed? Do you ever feel as if you don’t know where to start? You’re not alone.

Research shows that 1 in 3 women buy clothes that they never end up wearing, and a staggering 99% of women claim they have bought clothes which don’t suit their figure.

You don’t have to be a size 6 or a size 8 to carry off fashionable clothes; you can look fabulous no matter what your size is. When it comes to styling yourself, it is vital to buy clothes that balance out your body frame, allowing you to more easily achieve that perfect hourglass silhouette.

Size and colour are fundamental aspects to consider when shopping for clothes. There is nothing worse than wearing clothes that are too small for you. This can make your body look frumpy. It also it can restrict movement which interferes with your body structure, giving you a poor posture. It’s also uncomfortable wearing tight clothing too!

In contrast, buying clothes that are too big can make you lose all definition to your body. Wearing clothes that are too baggy can give you a saggy, out-of-shape look. In some cases, wearing bigger clothes can make you look much bigger than what you actually are.

Dress for your Body Shape

Many are surprised to know exactly how important choosing the right colour is. Colour is a very powerful factor in influencing the shape of your figure.

Going too wild with bright and vibrant colours can have its flaws and can lead to a fashion disaster, and leads to a greater chance of fashion choices clashing with each other.

However, if you get the right balance and aim to mix dark, bold colours with softer, delicate shades of pastel, you could get the perfect outfit, which also compliments your skin tone.

Many women will opt for wearing black and who can blame them? After all, black is timeless and classy, and has the added bonus of encouraging a slim silhouette. It is also a colour that you can wear all year round while still keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

There is a danger of becoming too enthusiastic about wearing this particular colour. If there is too much of it in your outfit, it can look boring and dull. It is better to break up such a solid colour with flashes of something else, such as pink or even turquoise. Get creative to create a striking effect and a real “wow” factor!

Dress for your Body ShapeSo what garments are essential for every woman’s wardrobe? A good place to start is with the classics.

Every woman, regardless of body shape should own at least one LBD (Little Black Dress). One can never go wrong with one of these hanging in your wardrobe; it’s a year after year fashion must-have, which can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

With it being a trend all year round, you can always add accessories to form a new look every time. Now, there are many different styles of LBD’s, so make sure you grab the perfect one which flatters your figure, keeping in mind the size and design of the dress.

For example, inverted triangle types are ideally suited to classic, tailored shapes. Tailored jackets and slim-line trousers are the way to go, as are sweeping dresses. Tear-drop shaped necklines or cuts that induce a feminine curve to the shoulders look particularly attractive on Inverted-Triangle types. Pear-shapes should aim for wrap-style dresses, which are simple and fitted around the waist, lightly skimming the hips before flaring out in an A-line.

Dress for your Body ShapeAnother key item that will flatter all body types is a decent pair of jeans. Buying the right pair for you can give you that classic look and define your figure. It’s another garment that will never out-date your wardrobe and make you feel amazing whatever the event may be. Be daring and opt for different styles that will compliment your figure.

Skinny jeans can give you that sharp edgy look, tightening your figure for a great silhouette. However, this is not a style that is suitable for pear-shapes. Instead, it will accentuate the hips and make them look larger. If you want to go for a more casual and relaxed look, some of you may prefer the bootleg or straight cut jeans, which can also give your body shape a distinct look, balancing out your body frame.

Dress for your Body ShapeChiffon is yet another material that will flatter any body type. The delicate material has an uncanny ability to sit at all the right places, thus giving your figure a soft definition.

A classic item like a chiffon blouse will not only give you a classy and sophisticated look, but will do wonders for complimenting your body. It’s a trend that is timeless, and with a whole different range of cuts and colours of chiffon on the fashion market, there is plenty to choose from.

Paying extra attention to detail can really make the outfit, such as neckline, design and pattern. Be brave and choose something different, perhaps a floral print or vertical stripes for that clear-cut perfect figure.

Having these classic essentials stored in your wardrobe, you will never have to worry about what suits your body shape. These must-haves will create the perfect outfit when accessorised with jewellery and extra add-ons such as belts and shoes.

So remember, don’t dread your next shopping spree. Maybe take a trustworthy friend with you; it’s always good to have an honest second opinion. Bear in mind the essentials and you could also have that perfect silhouette you’ve been longing for which totally matches your body shape.

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