Purple reigns Winter Fashion 2012

Wrapping up for winter doesn’t necessarily mean piling on layers and layers of brown and grey. Beat the rain and snow showers with bright flashes of colour, elaborate patterns with clothes that are lively, fun and above all, warm. This season it’s purple.

high in demand for men and women this season is purple

The winter of 2012 doesn’t limit fashionistas to any one niche. Gothic chic is in, as are vintage and more professional styles. Tweed jackets see a revival alongside coats where the more oversized the panels, the better. There’s also fantastic news for those who would rather recycle their current wardrobe; with a few tweaks and adjustments here and there you can transform last year’s outfits into the latest fashions with minimum fuss. Even better, these are fashions that will last well into 2013.

When the winter of 2011 saw a revival of the 1960s and 1970s, with an emphasis on wearing “burnt” colours such as rust, mustard yellow, burgundy and as many shades of brown as autumn leaves, and flashy neon 80s funk competed alongside a more austere traditionalism, 2012/2013 opens the door for more creativity with fashion.

Even though there is a lot of flexibility in colour this year there is one colour that keeps cropping up again and again amongst the mentions of khakis and royal blue – purple. The main colour that will be high in demand for men and women this season is purple.

Crowned as the reigning colour of the season for Winter 2012/2013, purple is Known as the colour of luxurious passion, regal robes, association with religion, sparkling gems jewellery and for its vibrant flair.

Vogue fashion editor Francesca Burns says: “Historically purple was only worn by an elite few, but in autumn/winter 2012-13 it will be for everyone, It is undoubtedly the colour of the collections.”

The advice is use it wherever you can from shoes, socks, tops, tights, jackets to make-up.

In addition to purple being the colour of fashion this season, there are certain styles to look out for too. So without further ado, here’s a look at some of the fashion that will be trending this winter and onwards.

Oversized Coats
Celine, Chloe and Balenciaga came out with some startling designs for outerwear, particularly when we remember the fitted and waist-tucked jackets that made such an impression during 2011.

In contrast, the most fashionable coats for this season will be oversized and will fit away from the body with a thicker fabric so you can stay extra warm.

Big is beautiful, and these coats are extremely easy to adapt to your particular unique style.

You can aim for a more masculine look, with a variety of double-breasted and strong shouldered coats a la Hermes, or cinch the coat around your waist to accentuate the natural curvature of your waist.

Romantic Gothic Chic
Gothic fashion is treated to a new twist this season, as proved by the likes of Gucci and Chanel, with a combination of twin classics; velvet skirts and chiffon dresses. This is a look that adds a surprising depth to a well-loved style.

This is a fashion that is suitable for both day and night, and brilliant hints of colour to add some expression to a look that is already seen by many as dramatic. Add on the emerald green and red wine flair and you have a fashion that will prove to be stylish not just for this season, but for many more to come.

Celtic crosses are also going to be coming back in a big way, and Rhianna and Delilah have already been wearing them. For a more street-friendly fashion, try marrying Goth with Rock for a cutting edge look.

Baroque Brocade
It is likely that wherever you turn, you will see a hint of sparkle and a flash of gold in high-street shops.

Gold overlay and stitching will be a staple for this season, along with ornate brocade and flamboyant detail as evidenced by Dolce & Gabbana and John Galliano.

Brocade is this trend’s answer to sequins and any follower of fashion will refuse to be seen wearing a plain T-shirt with a pair of fairly unobtrusive jeans, opting for either an elaborately designed top to counteract the more strict and sensible black skinny trousers or pencil skirts.

The detail doesn’t have to be an all-over effect, sometimes even a small glint of gold sweeping diagonally across a blouse or coat is all that is needed for the look.

Military Motion
Olive-greens and khaki shades are back in this season, along with a lighter shade of grey. Donning styles of a military pattern, stylish jackets are a must have.

Black makes a reappearance, from the subtle and delicate, accentuate stitching and smaller details to the bold and all-encompassing, with striking leather ensembles which seem to be lifted directly from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Buttons, zips and belts will be a mainstay for this line of style, especially for more “classical” pieces, such as fitted coats and jackets.

Pinafores will see a reappearance, along with chunky ankle-high boots with block heels. The beauty of this style is its diversity, so don’t be afraid to team up a new skirt or jacket with a favourite pair of skinny jeans or beloved woollen.

Vivid Patterns
Dizzying optical patterns are part of the trend thanks to Prada. Chunky knitted wear along with wild stripes, diamonds, squares and other assorted graphics are a match made in heaven, creating a bold look that is the very essence of this season.

The 70s revival from 2011 lives on in this trend, meaning more one-piece jumpsuits than ever before.

There’s also the added bonus that if you have a favourite shirt or sweater from last year, there is plenty of opportunity to breathe new life into it this season.

The louder the colour the better, so don’t shy away in disgust from the more outlandish garments in the stores; take a chance and try it on instead!

The Little Extras
Dark shades have never looked so bold, or so bright. With all the wild colour variations this season, anything goes. If championing the more gothic or military look, aim for smouldering eyes. But if you happen to be a fan of the bright and colourful jumpers and suits, exercise caution when applying make-up and aim more for a neutral look in terms of make-up.

Clothes shouldn’t take away from your natural beauty, only add to it, and the same can very much be said for make-up.

Vintage-inspired shoes, bags, hair and neck adornments are a must, and fur is also being used as an accent, whether as fur collar, or a scarf. Gold-studded leather gloves are also ranking highly on the fashionista’s must-have list. Jewelled hair-combs, oversized bands and fancy barrettes serve to jazz up any hair-style, while giant shards of emeralds and gems are the order of the day for jewellery enthusiasts.

The Winter of 2012 directly precedes the beginning of a new year and thus, the desire to move on to new challenges and a better chance for success. As a result, Menswear this season is all about striking, eye-catching solid colours and patterns. Bespoke dandyish outfits have been updated, combining the two worlds of modern and tradition to create smart urban wear. Look out for paisley patterns in purple.

The South American tribe of Navajo have acted a major source of inspiration for designers this season, and are characterised by bold and colourful stripes, triangles and diamonds. Leather is also going to be in high-demand, with thigh-length coats seeing a surge of popularity.

If you prefer to dress more low-key, then it is all about sleek, minimal lines that accentuate the silhouette rather than hide. Mixed fabrics are also on trend this season, so don’t shy away from woolens with faux-leather details.

Keeping with the theme of Pretty Gothic that pervades this season, purple offers a new twist to a style that can fall into a number of stale cliches. Elegant florals with dark tones such as purple, navy and midnight blue are the order of the day for both Desi and Western fashion.

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