Police help Indian Love Marriage opposed by Parents

The Banda police on December 25, 2020, intervened to allow an Indian couple to wed even though their parents had opposed the match.

Indian Police help Love Marriage opposed by Parents f

The couple was wed on the very same day

The police in Banda, Uttar Pradesh, took the unexpected initiative of intervening in a love marriage on December 25, 2020.

Allegedly, the groom Santosh Kumar and the bride Urmila had been together for a year.

However, Santosh’s family did not approve of Urmila.

On December 25, 2020, Urmila approached the police with her problem.

She alleged that the two were in love, but Santosh did not wish to go against his family.

The police understood the perspective of both parties and agreed to intermediate between the couple and Santosh’s family.

They spoke to Santosh and his family and convinced Santosh to wed Urmila.

The couple was wed on the very same day with Urmila’s parents, Santosh’s elder brother and the police in attendance.

In a separate incident in Delhi, four-armed assailant’s robbed a garment salesman at gunpoint outside a wedding function.

The businessman was allegedly talking to his friend outside the party venue on December 21, 2020, in East Delhi’s Preet Vihar.

The victim was allegedly attacked by four-armed assailants in a vehicle.

The accused told the victim to remove his gold bangle, and when he refused the assailants used a cutter to remove it from his hand.

Police stated that the accused fired three rounds and robbed two gold chains and two diamond rings from him.

Police suspect the assailants have committed around 25 incidents of robbery and carjacking from November to December 2020.

The accused have allegedly committed these offences across several areas of East and Northeast Delhi, Shahdara and Indirapuram.

The police stated that the incident took place on the night of December 21, 2020, when the victim, Rohit Batra, was with his friend Raghav.

A senior police officer stated:

“On Wednesday, Batra came to attend Raghav’s sister’s mehndi function in a restaurant near Preet Vihar Metro station.

“Around 1.50 am, both the friends came out and were talking after the women had left in their cars.

“That’s when a white Swift came and four men, wearing monkey caps, stepped out of the car.”

“One of them threatened Batra to hand over his belongings, and when he resisted, another assailant fired at him, but he escaped unhurt.

“The assailants then asked Raghav to hand over his belongings, but he managed to escape inside the restaurant.

“Raghav was scared and even threw a bottle on them from inside the restaurant, and in retaliation, they also fired towards the establishment.”

The police have allegedly identified the assailants with the help of CCTV footage of earlier incidents.

The hunt for the alleged assailants is underway.

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