#MenToo movement opposed by Tanushree Dutta

The #MenToo movement has risen to prominence in India, however, Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta has opposed the initiative.

#MenToo movement discredited by Tanushree Dutta f

"innocent men are being framed by so-called evil women"

Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta is against the #MenToo movement which has attracted attention in India.

The actress was responsible for triggering the #MeToo movement when she accused Nana Patekar of sexual harassment on the set of a film.

Dutta quickly became the torchbearer for the movement which has since seen several cases come to light.

However, the actress has said that she was surprised to hear about the #MenToo movement and claimed it can put female and child victims in more danger.

In a statement, Tanushree advised people to give deep thought before pledging their “ungirdled support” to the initiative, which “some vested interests” are attempting to launch.

Dutta stated: “I would like to caution the Indian public and media against rendering their ungirdled support for the #MenToo movement that seeks to protect the claims that innocent men are being framed by so-called evil women with a vendetta.

“Some people with clearly vested interests are trying to start in India a revolution that can further endanger the status of the women and child victims of harassment and sexual crimes.”

According to the actress, altering and empowering the patriarchal society will create an obstacle for women in the future.

They will subsequently be scared to raise their voices against any wrong done to them.

Tanushree Dutta elaborated on her belief: “Under such circumstances, empowering the already skewed patriarchy and corrupt male-dominated society could spell trouble and disaster in the future for whistleblowers, journalists, social workers and female complainants.

“What I’m trying to say that if this movement persists, then any woman who raises her voice or files complaint against bullying, intimidation, harassment, rape or gangrape and does not have enough proof as 99 per cent of these crimes happen in private or witnesses back out due to lengthy and exhausting trials or intimidation.

“These victims could potentially become targets of these men’s organisations and groups.”

“Instead of making movements and public protests protecting men who may or may not be innocent at all, laws need to be reviewed and formatted so correct and proper justice is done.

“#MeToo was a movement aimed at social cleansing by public disclosure in cases where legal justice is exhausting, difficult or impossible but #MenToo can put doubt on any woman putting forth a complaint!”

The #MenToo movement made its way into the spotlight when TV actor Karan Oberoi was charged with rape and extortion.

Several stars came out in support of the actor.

Actress and columnist Pooja Bedi defended Karan and later came up with the initiative of the #MenToo movement.

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