The Half-Lehenga Saree trend in India

Fashion in India is continuously evolving to suit changing trends and styles. Combining old traditional attire with Western influences, the half-lehenga saree perfectly depicts the modern Indian woman.

Half Saree Half Lehenga

The half-lehenga proved to be the highlight of Lakmé, with showstopper after showstopper.

Indian wear has always been known for its traditional yet authentic way of styling. India is a nation of many faiths, traditions and customs. It is also a place that motivates fashion and many design styles.

Places like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi are cities known for their particular designs. Although the present generations follow modern attire, the flavour of conventional outfits still exists.

In India, we commonly see females dressed in traditional outfits like Kurtis and Salwar Kameez. This is both formal and informal attire, and they have all gone through countless style changes over the years to accommodate changing trends.

Half Lehenga SareeShort and very short to long kurtas are now back in fashion. The floor length anarkalis are also in huge demand nowadays.

For bridal attire, any girl’s first choice would be Sarees or Lehangas. These dress styles are extremely popular in and outside India. With so many influences from international fashions and designs, you can find countless types of these outfits wherever you look.

There are always new styles that develop time after time, that are different to what we wear normally. We can adapt these changes to our own sense of personal style, making a new trendy and elegant outfit according to our own convenience, choice and preference.

A new design can be inspired from anywhere or we can develop it ourselves as we change something. A design can also be an assortment of two outfits created in one or something different. A design has no idealist meaning yet we determine it in our own way.

Lehengas and sarees are always loved by ladies among all age groups. If we speak about ethnic and traditional wear then sarees and lehengas are the definite favourite choices.

So when it comes to choosing between the saree and lehenga, which one would you go for? For most, it can be a difficult decision. But what if we could wear both at the same time?

Amit AggarwalThere is a new style of Indian wear that has emerged which mixes both the saree and lehenga into one. This versatile cut is capturing everybody’s attention. Known as the ‘Half-Lehenga Design’ saree, it is a cultural combination of the saree and lehenga.

It is a ready-made saree, which is also a perfect for wear during weddings, parties, and religious functions as it does not take too much time and effort to put on as sarees do.

It comes with a lengthy flared outfit with a zip at the side that adjusts to your relevant size and measurements. The half-lehenga style saree is also comfortable and easy for those who are not much acquainted with the traditional hanging and pleated saree. They just have to tuck and drape it around once and it is done.

Another feature is that you can mix and match it with contrasting dupattas. There is no rule about using a particular colour of dupatta for a certain lehenga. There is always an opportunity to experiment unlike a conventional saree.

The half-lehenga made its way onto the runway at Lakmé Fashion Week 2013 as some of India’s biggest fashion designers introduced new designs that incorporated different styles and patterns including the half-lehenga style. These designs were a unique creation, offering a contemporary look while maintaining a visible elegance.


The half-lehenga proved to be the highlight of Lakmé, with showstopper after showstopper. Something that can be worn by young women and mature ones alike, it is clear that the new half-lehenga saree has completed deconstructed and renovated traditional Indian dress to produce something wholly contemporary.

The new style also led to a new wave of other modernised styles on the runway, as the conventional lehenga became a 50 percent lehenga with some additional adjustments. Apart from that, there were fishtail dresses with ponchos in the place of a choli and dupatta and melted metallics giving off the edgiest look.

Half Lehenga Saree

The lehenga and saree together have been converted into an elegant dress with overgenerous stitching, mirror and zari work. Pink, orange, red, purple, yellow are the latest colour options available in these designs.

Apart from that, the traditional Churidar Kurta was also given a twist using coat, churi trousers and long jackets. These patterns are going to be in full force during the next season.

Fashion designer Amit Aggarwal provided an innovative selection that displayed metallic and futuristic patterns. The show featured designs using mermaid skirts, flowing ponchos and molten metallics.

Bollywood stylist, Sonam Kapoor was also spotted in the half-lehenga pattern. The ensemble was created by Payal Singhal.

Designer Karishma Shahani displayed her edition of a sari generally over a trapeze crop top and flared trousers. Each aspect of the three-piece collection could be used independently, thus developing three foundations for modern looks.

Sabyasachi deconstructed the traditional churidar kurta into a four-piece collection such as a jacket, shirt, skirt and churi trousers, all representing a classically traditional outfit.

This half-lehenga trend has exposed a new face of traditional ethnic Indian wear. Taking classic concepts and adding a new modernised cut and style, this season sees out with the old and in with a slightly new Indian attire.

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