Velvet Shawls ~ The Luxurious Trend for Winter

Velvet shawls, in rich jewel tones, a touch of intricate embroidery, embellishments, and tassels, are the trending winter wardrobe accessories this season.

Velvet Shawls ~ The Luxurious Trend for Winter

"Our Khawab Mehal velvet chaddar is perfect for chilly winter wedding season."

Velvet shawls, the glamorous finishing touch!

The softness and shine of the fabric, in opulent and royal colours, with intricate embellishments, and the drape of the border embroidery. All combined together for an elegant fashion statement.

Be gone, sheer net, glossy silk, and thin chiffon dupattas of summer!. For the crisp beginnings of South Asian winter weddings, the highest trending fashion fabric is much more lush, the velvet.

After all, the classic regal fabric was gracing the Fall runways in 2016, from sweeping bridal shawls to the sophisticated dupattas of evening-wear.

Fashion designers are seen combining these velvet drapes with a reverse side of banarasi brocades, giving them that precious traditional touch.

So wear a work of art, and wrap up warm in a sumptuous, drapery, and sleek shawl, redefined by a beautiful, contemporary colour story.

We bring you it’s versatile styles, mixed and layered.

Velvet Shawls with Contrasting Plain Kurta

Luxurious Velvet Shawls for Winter- Image 2

Black, the perfect hue, adds weight to any design and colour.

As such, see how elegantly it is draped by the Make-up artist, Natasha Khalid, on a light coloured kurta.

Illustratively, with attention to exquisite craftsmanship, worked edges of delicate embroidery, the designer, Mishal Lakhani, has given the shawl an instant classy look. And thus, has allowed the depth of the fabric to speak for itself.

In particular, for the winter months, there is nothing more sophisticated than wearing a black velvet ensemble, on a soft coloured kurta with subtle embellishments.

Black Velvet Shawls on Black

Luxurious Velvet Shawls for Winter- Image 1

An intricately detailed black velvet shawl, on a plain black attire, is pure elegance.

Outstandingly, it can be worn effortlessly throughout the day and night.

The stunning Mann Mayal famed actress, Maya Ali, stylishly poses in Mohsin Naveed Ranjha‘s black velvet shawl, which features gold intricate borders, with floral details.

Significantly, the magnificent ensemble will brighten an entire attire.

And, if you’re looking to glam up those dull winter outfits, then this shawl could be the perfect pick:

“Our #Khawab Mehal velvet chaddar is perfect for chilly winter wedding season,” says the designer, Mohsin Naveed Ranjha.

Velvet Shawls with Jamavar Lining

Luxurious Velvet Shawls for Winter- Image 3

With the two-way velvet shawls, featuring rich Jamavar lining, designer Maheen Taseer is keeping it traditional.

The metallic jamavar look, reflecting on velvet, makes it a standout piece.

While the detailed textured border embroidery, infuses sparkle, adding a dash of glamour.

Additionally, the embroidered gold florals, gleaming all over, add grace and charm.

In particular, these luxury ensembles can be a touch of elegance on plain dresses, shalwar kameez,  and western outfits.

Totally regal!.

Velvet Shawls with Silver Embroidery

Luxurious Velvet Shawls for Winter- Image 4

Using a distinct teal colour velvet, Rema & Shehrbano have created a masterpiece.

Remarkably finished off with silk trimming tassels, and silver dabka and tilla motifs makes this a unique drape.

Certainly, with an all-silver outfit, this chic glamour will make a decorative statement.

Short Length Velvet Shawls

Luxurious Velvet Shawls for Winter- Image 5

Want a smaller length scarf? To wrap around your Western wear, jeans and a top?

Well, working with their ethical and creative visions, the on-line designer brand, Ala Mairi, has beautified their short length velvet shawls. By adding delicate beads, diamante, dabka, and needle threadwork.

Accordingly, their exclusive scarf is made of pure crush velvet silk:

“Our women artisans have hand dyed the pure velvet fabric to achieve this perfect stone pink colour.”

Notably, wearing the right length shawl with a Western outfit is crucial. So be sure to find one that compliments the style of the chosen gear.

Reversible Embellished Velvet Shawls

Velvet Shawls ~ The Luxurious Trend for Winter

Luxurious and precious, double sided shawls are a treasure.

As such, with brocade banarasi reverse sides, gleaming embellishments, and stunning hanging tassels on the corners, these pieces are timeless.

Traditional, yet modern. Such a style can be worn with both South Asian and Western attires. Just need to flip over the sides accordingly!

The on-line Instagram gallery, Pakeezah Couture, describes these jewels stating:

“Effortlessly stylish & glamorously seasonal, these reversible velvet & brocade banarasi shawls, are all wrapped up in understated sophistication.”

Given this, we can see that designers are making exceptional efforts to bring back the dupatta fashion. And thus, the banarasi and velvet, two-sided shawls, are a definite favourite.

Gota Border Embroidery Velvet Shawls

Luxurious Velvet Shawls for Winter- Image 6

Gota patti work details, a type of embroidery used throughout South Asia.

Typically, it features ethnic borders in gold. And as a result provides the fabric with an edgy and noticeable look.

While the velvet is luxurious, the gota is traditional, an exceptional combination of the Mughal period costumes.

These velvet shawls are surely perfect for that traditional, but, stylish bling wedding season!

Velvet Shawls with Kundan Borders & Motifs

Luxurious Velvet Shawls for Winter- Image 7

Traditional geometrical motifs and patches add a graceful touch to the velvet shawls.

In particular, these artistic shapes are hand sewn or hand embroidered on the edges or corners of the shawl, adding a 3D and textural effect.

Additionally, featuring Kundan and Zardozi worked borders, the most famous metal wire embroidery, these ensembles are given a precious and delicate aspect.

Moreover, the ethnic hanging tassels on four ends of the shawl, add a dangling effect. A little bit of funkiness, sparkle, and fun!

Whereas, the plain corners are voluminous, allowing greater freedom for more jewellery accessories.

Wrapping the season’s key fabric, will not only keep you warm. But, will provide you with the most opulent and statement wardrobe piece.

And, interestingly, have dupattas made a comeback? Through these luxurious velvet shawls, have fashion designers and brands reinvented the South Asian cultural scarf?

Well, this women accessory is surely stunning!

So, add a splash of the modern South Asian glamour to your look, and indulge in the rich colours of velvet!

Anam has studied English Language & Literature and Law. She has a creative eye for colour and a passion for design. She is a British-German Pakistani "Wandering Between Two Worlds."

Images courtesy of Official Instagram Accounts of Maheen Taseer, Mishal Lakhani, Niche LifeStyle, Weekend Magazine, Mohsin Naveed Ranjha and Pakeezah Couture. Official Facebook of Rema & Shehrbano. Official websites of Ala Mairi, Indian Roots, and Mirraw.

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